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Published November 22, 2022

SNEAK PEEK: Marvel Comes to LEGO MASTERS on Thanksgiving

Tune in on Thursday, Nov. 24 at 9 PM ET on FOX to see classic Marvel Cinematic Universe moments created with Lego!

Marvel x Lego

This Thanksgiving on FOX, things are about to get serious on LEGO MASTERS as the next challenge for the master builders is...MARVEL!

Airing on November 24th at 9 PM ET, LEGO MASTERS is hosted by Will Arnett and features the five remaining teams fighting to stay alive in the competition and this time, the challenge is epic. Each team picks a Super Hero minifigure that represents a battle scene from a beloved Marvel Studios film they have to replicate. By recreating iconic action-packed scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the teams of builders will compete to make it to the challenge.  The teams have 12 hours to display the energy of their epic movie moment.

Get a taste of the action as we share this exclusive sneak peek at the episode where you can get a glimpse of the immense amount of work that goes into recreating a classic Marvel Cinematic Universe scene, completely made of LEGO:

Make sure you tune into FOX on Thursday, November 24th at 9 PM ET to see the action unfold. To get even more excited for this legendary showdown, you can catch a glimpse of what each team is building in the images below. These LEGO builders dive into the world of Captain Marvel, Shang-Chi, Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy in ways never seen before!


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