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Published December 18, 2019

'Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire' Heats Up with Navia Robinson and Return of Tyler Posey and Dove Cameron

The special premieres today at 4pm PT on Marvel HQ!

Things are heating up for our Secret Warriors today with the world premiere of Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire ! 🔥

Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire, which will premiere today, Wednesday, December 18 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT on Marvel HQ, sees the return of Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) as Dante Pertuz aka Inferno and Dove Cameron (Descendants 3) as Gwen Stacy aka Ghost-Spider, and debut of Navia Robinson (Raven's Home) as new character Zayla.

When Inferno's powers are stolen by a young and powerful villain, it's up to the Secret Warriors to defeat their new foe and help their friend. But does Inferno even WANT his powers back?

During a private record earlier this year, had the opportunity to speak with Navia Robinson about her character Zayla in the special.

Navia Robinson What can you share with us about your character Zayla in the special?

Navia Robinson: Zayla is sort of like your average teenager—she kind of has an attitude sometimes. She's also very ambitious. She's determined to get what she wants and to accomplish what she has her sights on. She's not like your average teen in that...

Navia Robinson: She's the daughter of two supervillains. Zayla's mom is the Shocktress, who has the power of electricity; she's always the one putting together the plans. Whereas my dad, Invisibilio, whose power is to become invisible, relies on my mom's smarts to accomplish their goals. Unfortunately for Zayla, she doesn't have any powers of her own. How does she deal with this?

Navia Robinson: Zayla copes by trying to be there for her parents and assist them in a way which makes most sense to her, with her smarts, her intelligence and her intuition. She tries to make up for her lack of powers with her knowledge. What draws Zayla to the Secret Warriors, especially Inferno?

Navia Robinson: She's drawn to Inferno's powers because she wants powers that are just as great as her parents' — her mom has electricity and her dad can become invisible. She wants something that's almost equal if not better than what she's seen her parents present. Also fire! Anyone's drawn to being able to produce fire!

Watch Zayla go up against her parents AND the Secret Warriors in the world premiere of Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire on Marvel HQ as well as join us for a Live Chat with creators of Marvel Rising at 7pm ET / 4pm PT!

Watch the previous "Marvel Rising" animated specials on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel now!

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