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Published October 5, 2018

What's Next for the 'Marvel's Runaways' Characters in Season 2

At the New York Comic Con panel for the series, new information was revealed to fans about what's to come, along with a surprise screening of the season premiere!

“Marvel’s Runaways” fans attending the panel for the series at New York Comic Con today got a big treat, as the entire Season 2 premiere episode was shown, ahead of the entire season debuting December 21 on Hulu. 

We’ll leave full spoilers aside so you can enjoy the episode yourself when it becomes available, but suffice to say a lot happens in the premiere, which picks up very shortly after Season 1 with the title characters now truly on the run – and in a notable amount of danger now that they are wanted. The group needs to scramble for food and shelter, while we see their parents attempting to find them, using many different means both to that end and to protect themselves and their dark secrets. 

Prior to the full episode being shown, a sizzle reel took the audience through Season 1’s events, culminating in some new footage, as we saw Karolina, running behind the others, stumbling and plummeting below the surface. She stops herself with her powers, floating mid-air, and while aglow with her light, yells to the others, “Guys! I found something!” 

Executive Producer and Co-Showrunner Stephanie Savage said Season 2 is “bigger and louder” and contained, “More Marvel secrets revealed, new characters… They’re going to war.” 

As for where Season 2 finds the characters, Allegra Acosta noted, “Molly’s naturally born street smart,” and on top of that, “She’s a natural burn super hero” who is ready to show what she’s made of and “is learning more about her heritage, learning more about her powers.” She noted, “There are some fun action sequences I think you guys will like. "

Gregg Sulkin said that when we met Chase, he was a boy, and now, “I think he’s trying to figure out how to become a man.” Sulkin said Chase is, “in a beautiful relationship with Gert,” but hinted they might hit some speed bumps now that the group are all living together, though he noted the situation was  “great for the journey of the show, great for the characters." Added Sulkin, “You’ll see some ups and downs for Chase and Gert, but at the end of the day, they love each other.” 

Gert in the meantime will have a new perspective, noted Ariela Barer, saying, “The thing with Gert this season is she’s always been this feminist and this activist,” but that she was doing so while living a life of privilege. With the kids on the run, she’s seeing poverty firsthand, and also has to deal with not having her medication. Barer said that Gert has to, “Learn to be vulnerable and find strength in that and redefining her family.” 

In Season 1, Virginia Gardner remarked, Karolina was discovering a lot of things about herself. Now in Season 2, she’s unafraid of those truths. Meanwhile, Gardner said, “Karolina and Nico really explore their relationship.” She also added they share a room right above Alex, with Gardner and Rhenzy Feliz both joking about the inherent awkwardness in that situation, given Alex’s previous feelings for Nico. 

Lyrica Okano said that things will be changing for Nico, who had previously been something of a loner. Now, “She’s much more of a team player,” and on top of that, Nico, “Kind of takes on the reluctant leader role in the group.” Okano said that we’d see Nico become “Very gung ho putting everyone through training” 

After the surprise screening of the season premiere, moderator Jeph Loeb (“Marvel’s Runaways” Executive Producer and Marvel’s Head of Television) and the cast and executive producers returned for a short fan Q&A. The panel wrapped up with a special sizzle reel for Season 2 shown to attendees, which included tantalizing glimpses of the kids using their powers and abilities in bigger ways than we’ve ever seen – and gave us our first glimpse of a new character, Topher, who you can read more about here!

All 13 episodes of Marvel’s Runaways Season 2 will be available Friday, December 21ston Hulu.

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