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Published May 4, 2022

‘Moon Knight’: Explaining the Ambiguous Ending for Marc Spector and Steven Grant

"No ending could possibly capture a story like this. The ending is really a to be continued.”

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After all of that, Steven Grant ends up exactly where he started. Or is it Marc Spector?

The ending of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight sends both Marc and Steven back to their apartment, mirroring the first moments the character woke up in Episode 1. But now, he’s not alone, and for the first time, both Marc and Steve are present.

“Steven, you there?”

Marc had originally promised Steven that once they got rid of the looming Khonshu problem, he would surrender the body to Steven and disappear. However, that’s not the case anymore as the duo seems to have realized that two actually is better than one.

“The idea for us was always that any future between these two would have to be a shared existence. A version where Steven just gets to live his life, and Marc is stuck in this box and doesn't get to interact with anyone or anything, would be really unsatisfying,” head writer Jeremy Slater tells

However, the opposite of that — with Marc in the forefront and Steven in the back — didn’t work either, because as Slater continues, “It felt incredibly wrong, after going on this amazing journey with Steven, to say, OK, well, now that guy is gone. And we're going to be hanging out just with Marc now.”

According to Slater, the only logical conclusion is that it’s both “Marc and Steven in that bed.”

Slater is, personally, pretty excited about what this means for the two, as going forward they’re in previously uncharted waters. “The messiness of that — how do you share a life, and a body, and a shared set of memories — is the engine for where the next group of Moon Knight stories could take us. There's so much fertile storytelling ground that's still waiting to be explored in terms of, OK, well, it may be an easy decision to share this body and this life, but what does that actually look like? What does that actually mean?”

Further, he adds, “The goal was always, how do we get to a point of balance and integration where this person has found a way to live with his mental illness, and draw strength from it, and be empowered by it?”

While the answer of who’s in the body might have been answered, that’s far from the last question Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight is done raising before the end of the season. As consulting producer, Sarah Goher, adds the point of Marc and Steven’s adventure was never about the end. Even the first moments of the episode clue viewers into the fact that Marc and Steven’s story is far from over. Goher points out, that the song that opens the episode, Earl Grant’s “The End,” isn’t really about an ending.

“It’s a song that says, ‘At the end of the story, it's a story without an end.’ It feels truer to the show in a way… it's just the continuation, and I feel like this was the right ending. This is a story that we've only scratched the surface of.”

“The journey is far more important than the end with this show,” She continues. “If you come out feeling more about the idea, more about Moon Knight and Marc Spector, and you care about him, and you care about Steven— even if you care about Jake, if you come out caring about all of these characters, this ending works. No ending could possibly capture a story like this. The ending is really a to be continued.”

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