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Published November 27, 2018

Polaris Reflects on Her Father in a New Episode of ‘The Gifted’

Check out a preview of ‘the dreaM,’ airing Tuesday, November 27th on FOX!

After taking a break last week for the holiday, “The Gifted” is back this week with a brand new episode, and the aftermath of the unsettling version of a “Twist” ending that occurred where we left off, thanks to Rebecca and her mutant powers.

In Tuesday night’s new episode, ‘the DreaM,” in attempts to stabilize Reed’s (Stephen Moyer) powers, Reed, Caitlin (Amy Acker) and Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) meet with Dr. Risman (guest star Kate Burton), a doctor who treats patients with debilitating X genes. However, Lauren finds out Dr. Risman is not who she thought she was. Following the Inner Circle’s bank ambush, Thunderbird (Blair Redford) and Blink (Jamie Chung) continue to work together to chase them down. Meanwhile, Polaris (Emma Dumont) reflects on her troubled relationship with her father and takes steps to protect Dawn from the Inner Circle.

You can check out a preview of the episode above!

Blair Redford and Jamie Chung in "The Gifted"

See more images of “The Gifted” – “the dreaM” below and then watch the new episode when it airs Tuesday, November 27th on FOX. 

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