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Published October 12, 2018

'The Gifted': Sean Teale and Jamie Chung on Why Eclipse and Blink Reject the Inner Circle

This season on “The Gifted” the rift between mutants has taken center stage, following Polaris and Andy Strucker leaving the Mutant Underground for the much more militant approach of the Inner Circle. Eclipse and Blink were two who chose to stay with the Mutant Underground – something particularly tough on Eclipse, given he loves Polaris and she has just given birth to their baby. 

At New York Comic Con, spoke to Sean Teale and Jamie Chung to find out if the Inner Circle ever in any way tempts their characters and the element the recent introduction of the sewer-dwelling mutants called the Morlocks adds to the story. With this huge rift that has happened, is there anything about the Inner Circle that would be appealing to your characters or is it just something they could never really fathom? 

Sean Teale: They have nice clothes! But our characters aren’t interested in that.

Jamie Chung: They’ve got the works - the cars, the muscles, and the turtlenecks! Deep down I feel like Blink chose to join the Underground because she believed in their cause and to do things the right way so people don’t further have a reason to hate the mutants. And I think what the Inner Circle is doing in terms of murdering and having an aggressive agenda, it just makes it harder for everyone else; for all the other mutants. I feel like she strongly dislikes that and finds what they’re doing very distasteful. 

Sean Teale: There’s a reason why the people that are left are left and it’s because that’s the way they have to operate and they can’t sacrifice those ethics, they can’t change those morals. The reason [Eclipse and Polaris] are torn is that they can’t agree on how to manage things and how to survive in this world. There isn’t any interest. 

There’s a real hatred that Eclipse has. He thinks the Inner Circle are jaded and broken and misguided and misinformed and kind of ignorant and short sighted, narrow minded. They’re not thinking about the bigger picture. They’re not thinking about the world being cohesive and sensible. They’re thinking about taking back something and two wrongs don’t make a right. Jamie, you’ve spoken before about Blink being intrigued by the Morlocks. What is it about them she’s drawn to? 

Jamie Chung: It’s a group that’s truly underground. They’re legit mutant underground. [Laughs] And I think what the season plays with is the four different ideologies; can we live cohesively? That’s the Mutant Underground, the X-Men way. There are the purists, the Purifiers. Humans only. And the Inner Circle. Mutants Only. And then you have the Morlocks and their ideology is living in piece with their own kind without being bothered with the world. They’re separationists. It’s intriguing to Blink how they live their life and there’s something lovely about not having to run. And not having to hide her identity in terms of just being proud of who you are and being able to live. So I think that theme is going to play throughout the season. 

Sean Teale: Me and Jamie get to fiddle with the Morlocks quite a bit. After Jamie, I’m the second person who gets to go down there a lot. It stinks, but it’s fun!

“The Gifted” airs Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET/PT on FOX. 

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