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The Super-Adaptoid, now the leader of A.I.M. posing as Alessandro Brannex was contacted by the New Enforcers. During this time Brannex sold them a false "Super-Adaptoid" for their new team. This Adaptoid was sent to them and was eventually put into action when their hired assassain Foreigner failed to kill Blood Rose. Deciding to hide any trace evidence of them hiring Foreigner, the Enforcers sent Eel, Blitz, Vanisher, Dreadnought, Dragon Man, and the Adaptoid to Foreigner's office. However they encountered Spider-Man once they arrived and a fight broke out. During the fight the Vanisher teleported away with Eel and Blitz, leaving the three artificial lifeforms to battle Spider-Man. As the battle went on trio were able to destroy the evidence at the Foreigner's office and managed to escape Spider-Man.

Later Blood Rose had tracked down the New Enforcers to their headquarters, but the Adaptoid, Dragon Man, and Deadnought attacked him as he entered the base. During the slight skirmish Blood Rose activated a signal which scrambled the robots' circuits causing them to fight each other. Eventually they incapacitated each other while the Blood Rose and Spider-Man shut down the New Enforcers operation.









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