Adaptoid (Spawn)




In custody of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Super-Adaptoid was being taken to Holding Facility Number 7. However during transport the creators of the Adaptoid, A.I.M., bombed the escort and captured the Adaptoid, taking him to an undisclosed island in the Phillipines. From there the scientists of A.I.M. worked diligently to mass-produce its abilities, however something went wrong and an explosion occured. In the explosion hundreds of thousands of Adaptoids were spawned from the original. Awakened from the explosion the Adaptoid now ordered these new Adaptoids to take over the A.I.M. base. The members of A.I.M. then sent out a distress signal in hopes of help arriving.

Hearing of the alert, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Nick Fury ordered the Avengers to investigate. When the Avengers arrived on the island the Super-Adaptoid ordered his "children" to attack them. The newly formed Adaptoids swarmed around the Avengers hoping to overpower them with sheer numbers. However the then team leader Goliath ordered his team to find the Super-Adaptoid while he face against the majority of the Adaptoid spawn. During this fight hundreds or perhaps thousands of Adaptoid spawn attacked Goliath at once, but somehow Goliath defeated them all while his team tried to find the Super-Adaptoid which had already fled from the island.

Sometime later the Super-Adaptoid formed a group called Heavy Metal, a group of robots and androids united to destroy the Avengers. Soon after its formation the team faced off against the Avengers on Hydrobase, where the Super-Adaptoid met with his "brother" Kubik. Since the Adaptoid was made from a piece of the Cosmic Cube, he copied the powers of his "brother" which also originated from the Cosmic Cube and gained limitless power. Deciding to use this power to turn the Earth's inhabitants into Adaptoids themselves he created another batch of Adaptoid spawn. These spawn copied the appearances and powers of several Avengers including Captain America, Doctor Druid, Namor, and others. However when captured Doctor Druid tricked the Super-Adaptoid and caused his defeat. After his defeat the Adaptoid spawn simply disappeared.

Later the Super-Adaptoid, posing as Alessandro Brannex, the leader of A.I.M. created many more Adaptoids with the ability to copy only one person's form and powers. These Adaptoids went up against the Avengers. However due to an immense explosion all these Adaptoids were destroyed.









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