With the power of flight, teenager Melody Guthrie attends the Xavier Institute with her mutant siblings and takes the codename Aero. Following the events of M-Day when most of Earth’s mutants lost their powers, she herself becomes depowered and returns home.


Melody Guthrie


Born and raised in Cumberland, Kentucky to Thomas Zebulon and Lucinda Guthrie, and smack in the middle of 10 siblings, Melody Guthrie grows up with her family at their farm house until her mutant powers manifested. As the fourth child to have mutant powers, she joins her siblings at the Xavier Institute.


A Flying Aero


When Melody’s mutant genes manifest, she is given abilities beyond that of normal humans, powers in the form of flight. While flying, she can hover in place if she so desires.

Aero’s Adversary


When former Avenger Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch, casts a spell to alter reality and get rid of the mutant gene, the majority of mutants are depowered, including Melody.


Family Ties and Merry Mutant Allies


Melody’s mutant siblings include Samuel Guthrie, AKA Cannonball, Joshua “Jay” Guthrie, AKA Icarus, Paige Guthrie, AKA Husk, and Jebediah “Jeb” Guthrie. Melody is close with her family but when her human sister Joelle grew jealous of her mutant siblings and joins a fanatic anti-mutant group, Joelle eventually leaves them realizing the error in her ways.


While Melody attends the Xavier Institute, she studies and hangs out with her siblings, while her older brother Sam protects her from prying eyes like the media.


X-Man Emma Frost, headmistress of the Xavier Institute, looks out for mutantkind especially those at the Institute. When Aero is depowered, she senses her intention to leap off a building in hopes of flying again and sends Henry “Hank” McCoy, AKA Beast, to her rescue.

Melody’s Memoir


When reality was altered on M-Day and a massive number of mutants were depowered, Aero was one of them. In disbelief she tested her powers of flight and dove off a building. Emma Frost sensed Aero’s plan and telepathically called to Beast who rescued her.


She returned home to her mother and other siblings but when her brother Josh died, she made her way back to the Institute for the funeral.


Melody later sees her brother Sam when he visited the farm with Roberto “Bobby” da Costa, AKA Sunspot. With the intention of introducing his family to his girlfriend, Izzy Kane, AKA Smasher, Melody has no idea that Izzy and Sam are expecting a child and she’ll soon be an aunt.








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