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Alejandro Montoya discovered his mutant ability to generate electricity at an early age while living in Spain and learned how to sword fight. Alejandro traveled to the United States and decided to use his mutant powers to benefit others. He then took the name "El Aguila", after his ancestor, the original El Aguila. He took to the streets and started to assualt local drug dealers and hoodlums. After a while Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Misty Knight were called in and fought with El Aguila. During the fight the three heroes realized that El Aguila was on their side, they left Aguila to continue his vigilante career.

Sometime later Aguila aided Luke Cage and Iron Fist against several female assassins who were hired to kill Jeryn Hogarth. After they defeated the assassins Aguila came into conflict with Hawkeye and started a battle. During the battle Hawkeye and Aguila realized their misunderstanding and parted on a good note. Some time passed and Aguila once again teamed up with Luke Cage and Iron Fist in order to capture Sabretooth and the Constrictor who were causing mayhem in Harlem.

A few weeks later Aguila teamed up with Colleen Wing and Misty Knight and battled mercenaries and Ferocia who were hired by Ward Meachum. During the battled that followed Misty was kidnapped and taken hostage by the mercenaries who took her to a compound owned by Meachum. Seeking to save their friend, Iron First and Luke Cage joined Aguila and Colleen to storm the compound and eventually rescue Misty and sending Meachum's gang to prison. After an unknown amount of time Aguila's cousin Migdalia asked for his help. Worried about his cousin he returned to Spain to find the village she lived in plagued by the mutant Conquistador. During the fight that followed Aguila managed to knock Conquistador out and vanished as local authorities took him to jail.

Recently, during a mission, the Avengers viewed a screen of de-powered mutants, which included El Aguila, after the House of M event. Whether he is truly de-powered or not is yet to be seen. His current whereabouts are unknown.




190 lbs.





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