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Rory Campbell was a psychologist who joined Moira MacTaggert's genetic research team at the Muir Island Mutant Research Center while the British super-team Excalibur was stationed there. He discovered that in the alternate future of Earth-811 ("Days of Future Past"), he became the mutant-hunter Ahab, creating and leading hordes of mutant trackers called "Hounds." Rory decided to prevent that future from coming to pass. When Excalibur captured the feral mutant Spoor, then an Acolyte of Magneto, Rory had a special room constructed with a laser-web that reacted to hostile actions. Using mood-altering pheromones, Spoor provoked Rory into attacking him, causing the lasers to amputate Rory's left leg. Soon after, Rory accepted a position of mutant liaison and management within the restructured W.H.O. (Weird Happenings Organization). He also traded information on the Legacy Virus to Sebastian Shaw of the Hellfire Club, in exchange for a bionic leg. Succumbing to the influence of the mutant Apocalypse, Rory became the Horseman of Apocalypse Famine. In this capacity, he captured Sunfire, one of the Twelve, a group of mutants destined to usher in a golden era for their kind. Famine later clashed with members of The Twelve after they escaped Apocalypse, and was teleported away with the other Horsemen by Mikhail Rasputin. Campbell's whereabouts since are unknown.

In the future of Earth-811, Campbell, as Ahab, led the Hound program, which was commissioned to track down and capture mutants. Ahab's greatest Hound creation was Rachel Summers, the telepathic daughter of Earth-811's Cyclops and Jean Grey. Rachel ultimately fought back; before she was recaptured, she hurled Ahab into a bank of computers which mangled his body. Ahab was confined to a hover-chair and became a cyborg. When Rachel fled to the past of Earth-616, Ahab pursued her there using the time-wandering spirit of the adult Earth-811 Franklin Richards. Ahab created Hounds out of Cyclops and Franklin's mother, the Invisible Woman, but was forced back to his own time by the combined efforts of the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Cable's New Mutants, and X-Factor. After joining Excalibur, Rachel traveled back to the future of Earth-811 and finally defeated Ahab with her team mates' aid by reprogramming the Sentinel's Prime Directive to ensure they would protect all life, ending their threat to mutants.

The current exploits of Ahab are unknown.




(As Campbell) 166 lbs.; (as Ahab) 222 lbs.




Brown with white streak

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