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In 1914, 32-year-old Peter Hunter's life was altered forever when the mystical Green Knight bestowed upon him the Pendragon spirit-power once belonging to Herne the Hunter and Merlin. As Albion, Hunter became a great British hero during World War I. His powers faded after the war, though he remained remarkably vital for a man his age. In the modern era, one of Peter's pupils at Gatton, Cam McClellan, was possessed by the Pendragon power. The youth was unable to handle it and fell prey to the Green Knight's enemies, the Bane. Hunter and fellow Pendragons Ben Gallagher, Union Jack, and Cam's mother, Kate, went to Joselito, Spain, where they encountered the Bane's pawn, Francesca Grace. Hunter convinced Cam to return the Pendragon power to him, allowing him to become Albion. Taking an extended leave of absence from school, Albion became a leader of the new Knights of Pendragon, and investigated the return of the Bane's leader, the Red Lord. Captured and killed by Grace, Albion was resurrected by the Green Knight to take part in the final defense of the Green Chapel in the realm of Avalon. Victorious, the Knights used the Chapel as their base for months. Albion officially became the group's leader, overseeing battles against Mys-Tech, Magpie, Baron Blood, and Shadow Wing, and began romancing his former enemy turned team mate, Grace. The Knights also teamed with Spider-Man to prevent the devastation of the planet Arakne. Unknown to the Pendragons, their actions had cataclysmic effects on Earth-313. The Lemurians of that Earth sought revenge by sending the assassin Death's Head after the Pendragons. In the end, Albion and his team mates Breeze and Gawain agreed to remain on the ravaged world to help rebuild it.

Later recruited into the Time Guardian's Dark Guard - alongside Dark Angel, Motormouth, Killpower, Death's Head, and others - and charged with protecting the galaxy from Mys-Tech, Albion and his allies defeated the evil Collapsar, who threatened the balance of power on the planet Eopia. Albion remains a staunch defender of both Avalon and Great Britain.


(Hunter) 5'7"; (Albion) 6'2"


(Hunter) 140 lbs.; (Albion) 200 lbs.




(Hunter) Grey; (Albion) Brown

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