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Alice was one of many orphan children that resided in an underground “cloning facility” once run by the evil mutant geneticist Nathaniel Essex (Mister Sinister). Since his death, Sinister’s operations has been handled by Miss Sinister (Ms. Claudine Renko), a telepath who has been infected with the DNA of Mister Sinister.

Alice was approached by Laura (X-23), in a diner of an unnamed town, after she was beaten by a strange man, who was watching the two of them from a car parked outside the diner. Laura questioned Alice about the beating. Laura eventually came to the conclusion that the man was Alice’s pimp. Frightened by the conversation Alice fled from the diner. Later down the road Laura found Alice being murdered by the same man who was watching them at the diner. Laura acted swiftly but she was unable to save Alice’s life. In retaliation Laura murdered the man, but before she could bury the dead bodies she was confronted by the X-Man, Gambit. Laura agreed to allow Gambit to give her a ride, because he did not pass judgment on her for her actions against Alice’s attacker. Their journey led them to a ghost town where they were met by a police barricade and Alice, strangely alive and fully healed from the bruises of her murder, emerged from one of the police cruisers, offering X-23 information about her mother. Alice led the two X-Men into the clutches of Miss Claudine Renko, who was manipulating the entire town through mental abilities. They all entered the secret cloning facilty where it was revealed that this new Alice was one of two remaining clones; each Alice clone possessed the same memories of other. Alice and the other children were to be part of a new Weapon X program run by Malcolm Colcord.

Miss Sinister, realizing that she was losing control of her body to Mister Sinister, who was somehow attempting to return from the dead, began testing the Alice clones as possible host bodies for herself, but the clones were deemed defective. In her continued search Miss Sinister attempted to steal the body of X-23, but her efforts were thwarted by Gambit and Alice, who free X-23 allowing her to presumably kill Miss Sinister. Alice was severely injured in the battle and her last known living clone was possessed by Mr. Sinister, and it left with the body of Miss Sinister, proclaiming to take care of her.









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