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A wealthy genius with a taste for adventure, Alyssa Moy found a close friend in the rich, young scientific prodigy Reed Richards. Just after completed his military service, they met up in Frankfurt, and the wild Alyssa had a strong influence on the more conservative Richards. Challenged to rebuild a classic car, the duo quickly reassembled it and drove it in the London-Capetown Road Rally, a ten week race across two continents. They did not win, but the long dangerous journey brought the two of them closer together. Alyssa and Reed also visited the Himalayas, where they rescued child prince Bayan from the evil General Lao-Tse. The grateful Prince Bayan offered Reed a magical scepter. Reed later discovered the scepter was a piece of the Claw of Bast, a powerful Egyptian artifact. After Reed and Professor "Frankie" Fischer crashed their plane while seeking the Claw in Egypt, Alyssa sprung them from jail and joined their quest. Entering Romania, Alyssa "borrowed" the Eye of Bast, another piece of the Claw, from a museum; but Frankie was captured by Victor von Doom, who had hoped the Claw's power could heal his scarred face. Reed and Alyssa freed Frankie from Doom in Latveria, and the trio traveled to the Sphinx, where they completed the Claw. Doom followed them, stole the Claw and accidentally awoke king Khafre, whose spirit animated the Sphinx; but Reed rendered the Sphinx inert once more, and took the Claw from Doom with the assistance of Alyssa.




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