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Amelia Voght


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Amelia Voght has had a long history with Charles Xavier, stemming back to when Xavier was a patient in hospital and Voght was his attending nurse. The pair fell in love, though ultimately had a falling out over philosophical differences and Voght left. She later resurfaced as a member of the Acolytes of Xavier's nemesis Magneto, and partook in the attack on the Our Mother of the Sacred Heart school. Voght ultimately grew disillusioned with the Acolytes' methods, and attempted to quit the team a number of times before Magneto was ceded control of Genosha. He offered Voght a place on his cabinet, which she accepted. Following the decimation of Genosha by Sentinels, Voght's whereabouts are unknown but it is known that she survived the attack and is one of the 198 mutants known to have retained their powers after the events of House of M|"M-Day".


Variable; 5'6"


Variable; 129 lbs.





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