The sphinx Ammit serves the Egyptian goddess Ma’at, asking riddles of sinners and devouring them if they fail to answer correctly.


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As the servant of the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at, the sphinx Ammit crosses between the elements, going everywhere without a home at her master’s orders. In the Underworld, she is the Devourer of the Dead and keen on asking riddles when summoned. If answered correctly, she helps the victor, if not, she devours their heart. 


An Enchanted Aura

Made from Acacia petals, mixed with Nile water, black sand, and desert heat, and transformed by Ma’at’s magics, Ammit guards the Throne of Bone and the Halls of Ma’at. Eons ago, Ma’at’s temple was vulnerable and relocated to the psychic plane where Ammit guards it and the relics that reside there.


Shape-Shifting Sphinx

When transformed into her animal form, Ammit can be all crocodile or an amalgam of animals including a crocodile head, a lion’s mane and paws, leopard spots, and a hippo hind. One-quarter leopard, Ammit’s spots are each an eye which allows her to see many things.



Ammit takes her role to heart, scaring off anyone who would take worshippers away from Ma’at, including the Stygians, who attempt to build a pyramid next to Khemi, an Egyptian temple. It was during this time that Ammit crosses paths with Conan the Barbarian.


Ancient Egyptian Allies

Ammit is a loyal sphinx, serving Ma’at, going where she sends her. Ammit also allies with other Gods of the Celestial Heliopolis, including Khonshu.


An Ancient History

In the Hyborian age, Ammit was summoned by the Stygian prince Tothmekri, who needed help protecting his island from the Barachan pirate Tranicos. Though Ammit was too late and Tothmekri was slain. A century later, Conan arrived to the island on a ship with pirates and buccaneers. They awakened Ammit with a medallion they carried and Ammit killed many of the crew until Conan broke the medallion, disconnecting the magic that brought Ammit forth.

When Ian McNee, AKA Magus, approached Ammit on a train, she was in her human form; he recognized her by the floral perfume she wore. When they got to talking, she whisked him away into another realm where she could instigate a challenge—she would ask a riddle and if he solved it, he would get what he came for, a magical sword.

Ammit helped fellow Ennead god Khonshu deceive Marc Spector, AKA Moon Knight into thinking he was in a mental institution. Ammit takes over one of the doctors, Dr. Emmet, to assist Khonshu in his efforts to cripple Spector’s mind.

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