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Published May 4, 2022

'Moon Knight': Episode 6 Details Log

“Your scales lack balance.”

Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac)

Gods and monsters

In Episode 6 of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, “Gods and Monsters,” Marc Spector has arrived at the Field of Reeds with Scales balanced following Steven Grant’s sacrifice. With fear and chaos spreading within the Underworld as souls arriving before their time, Marc must find a way to return to the land of the living and stop Arthur Harrow, the next chosen avatar for the formerly banished Egyptian deity Ammit

Following the events of the previous episode, “Asylum,” Taweret had cautioned Marc and Steven, even if they make it back, they’d still be returning to a body with bullets in it and without the ability to heal. Will Marc be able to get a message to Layla to free Khonshu from his ushabti prison, or will he remain at the Field of Reeds in eternal salvation?

Stream Moon Knight — Episode 6 “Gods and Monsters” — now on Disney+, and read on to discover some notable highlights from our Details Log below!

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Moon Knight - Taweret


•    Steven Grant/Mr. Knight
•    Marc Spector/Moon Knight
•    Arthur Harrow
•    Taweret
•    Ammit
•    Ennead Council (Avatars for Hathor, OsirisHorus, Tefnut, and Isis)
•    Khonshu
•    Layla El-Faouly/Scarlet Scarab
•    Jake Lockley


•    Putnam Medical Facility
•    The Field of Reeds, Egyptian Underworld
•    Cairo
•    Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy)


Picking up mere moments following the events of Episode 4, “The Tomb,” in Alexander the Great’s burial chamber, Arthur Harrow and his disciples surround Marc Spector’s lifeless body, retrieving Ammit’s ushabti from his pockets.

Paying final respect, Harrow places the golden scarab on his bullet-ridden chest and apologizes, “I’m sorry it had to be this way, Marc Spector, Steven Grant, whoever else might be in there. Sometimes we need the cold light of death before we can see reality.”

The Face of a Good Man, and Dead Man

Approaching his disciples with Ammit’s ushabti in hand, Harrow readies his congregation to heal the world as he lifts his double-headed crocodile cane, purple energy emanating from it.

Examining Marc’s body, Layla stifles her cries for her husband and embraces him one last time. Pocketing the golden scarab and exiting the cave, Layla hides among the group of Harrow’s disciples. 

Moon Knight - Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

At a heavily guarded police checkpoint, the vehicles of Harrow and his group are stopped. The Egyptian police department question Harrow’s presence on this remote road. Stepping out of the first truck and refusing to show their papers, Harrow demands instead for the police to show him their souls. Striking his scepter onto the ground, purple energy emits from the chests of all the guards. All but one officer had their soul ripped out of their bodies; Harrow proclaims the officer is a good man and welcomes him among his group of disciples. 

As the disciples hurry to move the fallen bodies out of the way on the road, Layla quietly stalks behind, prepared to enact revenge on Harrow with a dagger. However, a voice from one of the dead bodies pleads with Layla to not do it. Dismissing it, Layla proceeds forward. Communicating from another dead body closer to Layla, Taweret introduces herself as an Egyptian deity and that it is Marc who is sending this message for her to stop. Taweret cautions that Harrow is too powerful for Layla to stop him on her own; if Marc can return to life, he will need Khonshu. Taweret tells Layla to break Khonshu’s ushabti, currently held in the Chamber of the Gods. Taweret states that Layla can be her avatar as Marc has told her lovely things about her, which Layla aggressively rebukes.

Moon Knight - Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

What the Gods Kept Hidden From Mankind

At the Chamber of the Gods, the avatars of each of the gods in the Ennead arrive in a panic, sensing a great disturbance. Yatzil, the avatar for Hathor, asserts that someone is trying to release Ammit onto the world; Selim, the avatar of Osiris, realizes it’s Harrow. 

Harrow and his disciples breach the chamber as the Ennead’s walls fall before them. In the Chamber of the Gods, Harrow welcomes his disciples to join him inside, as Layla slips away from the main group. Noticing that the avatars lining up to oppose him, Harrow states that they’re merely judges, not warriors; therefore, a battle doesn’t need to happen. As Selim makes the first move, Harrow raises his scepter. With the bodies of the Ennead’s avatars strewn about, Harrow smashes the ushabti within their most sacred space inside the chamber, releasing Ammit. Harrow and his disciples kneel in the presence of the powerful deity.

Moon Knight - Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

In her daunting and glorious presence, Ammit asks to whom she owes her gratitude. Looking at her intense crocodilian eyes, while still kneeling in reverence, Harrow explains he’s merely a humble disciple and the goddess owes him nothing. 

Ammit states his scales lack balance, as Harrow lowers his hand, processing her judgement. Remorseful, Harrow acknowledges their status, hoping that his penance would correct any imbalance. He accepts the scales, regardless of the outcome. Elaborating, Ammit admits they lack balance because of what lies ahead for Harrow. Bracing for death, Harrow closes his eyes and willingly submits his life, in order to spare the world of the pain he will cause. Ammit elaborates again that what lies ahead is his service to her, delaying his death. She once relied on a servant whose scales balanced perfectly, which ultimately led to her being bound in her stone prison for over two thousand years. Still confused, Harrow offers his disciples, all with balanced scales, who would never betray her and are awaiting her command. They are worthy of her service; he is not.

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy)

The Avatars They Need

Ammit proclaims he is the ideal avatar she needs as it was Harrow who set her free. Placing her hand on Harrow’s head, seeing the scars he’s endured, the goddess tells him to not let the pain of his past control him, referring to his previous servitude to Khonshu. Her power spreads within him as his eyes glow with Ammit’s purple energy.

Within the recesses of the Chamber of the Gods, Layla discovers the gallery where the ushabtis of several gods lie. Seeking the one that belongs to Khonshu, Layla grabs it and runs off. Smashing the ushabti, Layla releases Khonshu. Standing before Layla, Khonshu remarks that he no longer senses Marc Spector in this world, realizing he died fighting. Layla harshly corrects him that Marc died fighting his war. Khonshu proclaims the war is far from over; and if Marc is truly gone, will she, Layla El-Faouly be his avatar and protect the travelers of the night? Incredulous, Layla reminds Khonshu that he was the one who turned Marc’s life into a waking nightmare; why would she ever sign up to be his avatar? Khonshu states that she cannot win alone against Harrow and Ammit; rebuking him, Layla would rather take her chances. Khonshu reveals that Marc was in crisis over her, and it was his lack of focus that got him killed. To defeat Ammit, they have to rebind the deity, but only an avatar can do that.

Moon Knight - Khonshu and Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy)

Addressing her loyal followers, Ammit tells the group that they will purify the souls of the world, beginning with Cairo. Heading to the exit, they are blocked by Khonshu’s presence. Harrow orders one of his disciples to search for who released him, as the god of the moon tells Ammit he cannot allow her to proceed with her plan. 

Ammit tells Khonshu her plan is set, same as anyone’s. She’s here to bring balance; which Khonshu dismisses if she selects a sinner like Arthur Harrow to be her avatar. Ammit is amused at Khonshu’s jealousy of Harrow’s loyalty to her. Khonshu demands Ammit see that the loyalty means nothing if she and her disciples inherit an empty world.

Moon Knight - Khonshu

I’m Not Good with That

At the Field of Reeds, Marc Spector takes in the peace and beauty as Taweret assures him that his scales are balanced; his heart finally full, his journey is over. Here, he is free from all pain, loneliness, and hurt. But, Marc can only think about Steven; unfortunately, he’s gone as the Duat now has him. Viewing it unfair, Marc demands they go back for Steven. However, if he leaves the Field of Reeds, he will never be able to return. Taweret tells him that he doesn’t even need Steven anymore, which further upsets Marc. Why should he go on to eternal peace while Steven remains lost in the sand forever? Marc turns back to search for Steven as the Field of Reeds disappears.

Back in the sands of the Duat, Marc sees Steven’s frozen-in-sand body and heads towards him. Emotional, Marc speaks to Steven acknowledging their dire circumstance. Opening his heart, he tells Steven that it was his arrival that saved him for enduring his bleak childhood. He only survived because he knew he wasn’t alone. He apologizes for failing to protect Steven’s hope and life. As Marc begins to turn to sand, he proclaims that he couldn’t have abandoned him and gone to the Field of Reeds without him. Placing his full heart in Steven’s hand, Marc remarks that Steven was the real super power that he ever possessed. As both alters are frozen in sand, the gates of Osiris open behind them. With the light beyond gates shining upon them, Marc and Steven are no longer frozen in sand. They embrace as they see the gates opening. With the sands of the Duat approaching them in a tsunami-fashion, Marc and Steven help each other to race towards the open gates as Taweret uses her boat to slow the sands.

Moon Knight - Taweret

Rise and Live Again

Ammit reflects on how Khonshu, for a god, is low on faith. The two gods charge one another within the Chamber of the Gods in a vicious battle. The goddess takes her time, enjoying her torment over Khonshu. Ammit encourages him to beg her to spare him, but he firmly states he’d rather have obliteration than mercy.

As Marc and Steven cross through Osiris’ gates, they reawaken, in Alexander the Great’s burial chamber, back in their old body. Sensing Marc back in the land of the living, Khonshu transports himself to his former avatar before Ammit can strike a savage blow. Marc struggles as he’s still fatally wounded by the bullets in his chest. As crucial events replay on his mind, Khonshu asks Marc once more, if he chooses death or life, at the cost of servitude to his master? Suddenly, Marc’s body forces the two bullets out of his chest. Regaining Khonshu’s protection, Marc’s body is enveloped by the healing, ceremonial Moon Knight armor.

Meeting Khonshu outside at the dig site, Marc approaches his master. Khonshu jokingly remarks that he knew Marc missed him; to which Marc questions if Layla turned him down. Now serious, Khonshu tells Marc he needs his help to defeat Ammit. 

Moon Knight - Mr. Knight (Oscar Isaac)

Now, switching seamlessly between their identities, Steven as Mr. Knight appears asking to redefine their working arrangement. Flabbergasted, Khonshu is appalled that Steven would negotiate now, in the middle of the direst of circumstances with so much at stake. Exasperated, Khonshu states he will release them both; they have his word. 

In the main chamber, Layla discovers a gravely injured Selim dragging himself towards a hiding spot. Lifting him to safety in a hidden corridor, Layla reveals she was the one who released Khonshu. Layla asks the avatar how they can stop Ammit. With his last few breaths, Selim reveals that this chamber is their most powerful place, and within these walls, they need to imprison Ammit in a mortal form (a body instead of a statue) so she will be vulnerable. However, to do it, they need more avatars than what they have left. With that, Selim succumbs to his injuries. 

Without other options, Layla calls out to Taweret. Speaking through Selim’s body, Taweret screams out her excitement. The disturbance signals to Harrow and his disciples of Layla’s presence and location. As Layla runs in search of safety avoiding falling chunks of stone, Harrow uses his scepter to destroy the Chamber of the Gods. 

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy)

Without any bodies present, Taweret speaks to Layla while momentarily taking control of her body, delighted that Layla has had a change of heart. She is beyond thrilled to take Layla on as her temporary avatar, revealing that Layla’s father will be over the moon once he hears. Surprising Layla, Taweret shares that she met him when she accompanied him to the Field of Reeds. 

Outside of the Chamber of the Gods, at the peak of the pyramid and overlooking Cairo, Harrow lifts his scepter as he recites an incantation. With purple lightning erupting in the sky, Harrow calls upon his disciples across the city. With their eyes glowing purple, they notice their tattoos of the scales glow as well. With Ammit’s power funneled through them, her disciples begin judging people, en masse, ripping souls from bodies. Ammit grows in power as she swallows each new soul.

Of Gods and Avatars

Within the chambers, Layla emerges among the rubble. Now, as the avatar of Taweret, Layla stands before us as the Scarlet Scarab in ceremonial armor complete with wings. 

As Harrow continues his incantation, out of the corner of his eye, he spots a flash of white light shooting towards him. Realizing it’s Moon Knight, he charges at his rival. Their powered battle carries out in the sky, with Moon Knight and Mr. Knight switching seamlessly among each other preventing Harrow’s hold, just as Ammit and Khonshu mirror the fight in their own battle on a colossal scale. Ammit sees no difference in their causes; why must they do this dance for the rest of time? Khonshu only punishes the who commit evil; as does Ammit, but she doesn’t allow them the satisfaction of completing their evil. Once more, Ammit asks Khonshu to join alongside her. Khonshu fights back as it’s his choice – the very thing that Ammit removes from others.

Moon Knight - Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac) and Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

Harrow and Moon Knight/Mr. Knight land in the middle of a heavily populated area. Before Harrow can blast him with his scepter, Scarlet Scarab flies into the area knocking Harrow out of the way. She deflects one of Harrow’s blast with her wings, sending the force back onto him. Marc and Layla quickly embrace, both equally shocked to see the other. Steven suddenly switches with Marc, lavishing praise onto Layla.

Ready to show Layla his new set of skills, Mr. Knight, armed with his truncheons, runs towards Harrow, taking down every disciple along the path. As a team, Scarlet Scarab and Moon Knight charge at Harrow in a coordinated takedown. One of Harrow’s blasts from his scepter hits a van full of Egyptian civilians; Scarlet Scarab flies over to save a young girl who would have been hurt had the van overturned on her. Moving all the civilians away from the van, the crowd cheers in awe and with pride for an Egyptian Super Hero who protects them.

Moon Knight - Mr. Knight (Oscar Isaac)

Unleashing his rage upon Marc, Harrow claims that young Randall’s life would have been saved and Marc’s family happy had Ammit been allowed to rule and remove one weed from the garden – Marc. Marc is suddenly overwhelmed by Harrow’s power; his crescent blades tossed, pinning Layla to the van, as Harrow stalks toward him like a predator and his trapped prey. Laying on the ground, part of the Moon Knight armor blown to bits and mask retracted, Marc Spector is in pain. In the distance, above the night sky, Marc witnesses Ammit bringing Khonshu to his knees, losing as well.

With the scepter unleashing Ammit’s power onto him and the odds grim, Marc looks over and sees disciples unloading a fury of bullets onto a cornered Layla. Marc loses consciousness then suddenly opens his eyes in a daze, discovering he’s holding an unconscious and brutalized Harrow in one hand and a broken scepter to Harrow’s head in the other. Surrounding them are the bodies of Harrow’s disciples and massive destruction he cannot account for. Marc asks if this was Steven’s doing, to which Steven replies, not a chance, mate. Confused, he drops him and looks over to see a mortified Layla. He can’t explain what happened; he blacked out. Interrupted, in the distance, Layla and Marc see Ammit dragging a defeated Khonshu.

Moon Knight - Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac)

Layla knows how to end this; she tells Marc to grab Harrow and the pieces of his scepter. Back in the Chamber of the Gods, they place the unconscious and battered Harrow onto a slab of stone. The power of the room will help them bind Ammit to Harrow’s vulnerable body. Holding hands, they begin an incantation as energy flows from them and through the statues of the Ennead within the chamber. The circle of energy begins to feed into Harrow, as Ammit realizes what is happening, feeling herself sucked back towards the chamber. Speaking through Harrow, Ammit threatens that they’ll never be able to contain her; she’ll never stop. With Khonshu and Taweret no longer in control of Marc and Layla’s respective bodies, Khonshu tells Marc to finish it and end Harrow and Ammit, leaving neither of them alive. While he lives, so too does she.

Marc believes he has to do this; otherwise, he’ll never be free. Layla stops him, reminding him that he is free, and that he has a choice. Believing that Khonshu now sounds exactly like Ammit, Marc lets go of Harrow. If Khonshu wants them dead, he’ll have to do it himself. Now, Khonshu must release Marc and Steven. Khonshu begrudgingly complies and leaves.

Moon Knight - Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac)

The Imagination is Very Real

A glimpse of the white void, Steven is back in Dr. Harrow’s office questioning if this is what reality looks like. He asks the doctor if he believes that Khonshu and Ammit are real. Harrow responds no, he does not, as he gets up and walks back to his chair. Marc’s voice poses that they disagree, and believe in something different. Dr. Harrow deduces that their work here continues. Looking at the floor, Marc notices Harrow’s trail of bloody footprints, which leaves the doctor perplexed. Realizing that Harrow doesn’t know as much as he leads on, Marc and Steven refuse to accept his diagnosis. Instead, they’d rather go save the world. Laters, gators.

Marc suddenly wakes up in Steven’s apartment flat. His leg shackled by his homemade restraints, the sand around the bed is undisturbed. Marc calls out to Steven out loud if he’s there, to which Steven responds that he can’t believe it worked. Marc, however, can’t believe Steven lives with this freakin’ mess.

Moon Knight

Today is Your Turn to Lose

At Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital, a disheveled and sedated Arthur Harrow knocks over a cup of coffee onto his drawing. A hospital attendant signals that it’s time for bed. However, as she approaches Harrow, a gloved man tells her in Spanish that he’s got him as he begins to wheel Harrow away.

As they're heading down the hallway, Harrow grows concerned as he begins to notice slumped over bodies in the hallway and at the reception area. Harrow is placed inside a long white limo as the driver heads to the front seat. Looking across from him, Harrow spots Khonshu in a white formal suit, laughing that Khonshu can’t hurt us. Bemused, Khonshu reveals that he never wanted Layla as his avatar after they parted ways. Why would he ever need another avatar when Marc doesn’t realize how troubled he truly is? As the limo window divider rolls down, Khonshu introduces Harrow to Marc’s third alter, Jake Lockley, who shoots him. The limo, with the plates SPKTR, drives off into the unknown.

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