Antiphon the Overseer

AntiphonAntiphon the Overseer



The complete history of Antiphon was unknown. It was discovered that he existed in the universe during the infancy of creation. He is a proemial being. It is said that he was the first among his kind to be assigned the task of monitoring the cosmic consonance. It was documented ages ago that he was known as the Overseer. Time had erased nearly all traces of his existence from the living universe. There is no evidence to substantiate his being present during the battle of the Proemial Gods, and the mighty world devourer Galactus. Diableri led the Proemial Gods in this battle and lost his life in the conflict. It was thought that only two of the gods survived this battle, the surviving Gods were known as Tenebrous and Aegis. They were imprisoned in the prison planetoid known as the Kyln by the World Devourer Galactus. The Kyln was located at the edge of the universe in the Verge sector, known as the Crunch cascade. They remained locked in the Kyln for centuries.

It was through the Crunch cascade that the Annihilation Wave tore into the positive universe from the Negative Zone. The wave did irreparable damage to the Kyln prison. Aegis and Tenebrous were freed from their long imprisonment. After wandering the cosmos for a short time, they returned to the Kyln ruins in search of more survivors of their pantheon. To their surprise and disappointment they found the fallen body of Antiphon the Overseer. He had apparently fell victim to the destruction of the Kyln. Aegis and Tenebrous were puzzled as to why would Galactus imprison Antiphon, because he had always stood neutral to the ways of their master Diableri's ambitions. Could he have possibly changed his ways?









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