Proemial Gods

Proemial Gods



In a time when the Living Universe was young, and was full of chaos. There was beauty, but it was the beauty of the void, formless and without intent. The cosmic Consonance deemed that there be order and balance to this chaos. The universe does not measure time, but by natural sequence, a balance was struck and the cosmic consonance was set. From the chaos came order, and from order intent. They became the caretakers, conceived through intent. Each of them had been tasked to maintain the cosmic consonance. They were without will and without awareness of anything but the task set before them. They existed to serve the living Universe. They were the Proemial Gods.

Aegis (Lady of All Sorrows) was tasked with culling the living universe of divergences and aberrations.

Tenebrous of the Darkness Between, tasked with the black, the living matter that binds the universe and makes it whole.

Antiphon the Overseer, was the first among the equals to be tasked with monitoring the cosmic consonance.

Diableri of Chaos, became order unchecked and led the entropy.

Brio of Life, was tasked with the welfare of fledgling life forms.

It was through the wicked Diableri, that the Chaos Sprites were born into the universe of chaos. They were small beings that possessed cosmic power beyond measure. They were Diableri’s eyes and ears. They were minute sentinels tasked by their master to sow chaos in order. They also served the cosmic consonance. After escaping the Crunch cascade cosmic powered prison called the Kyln. Aegis, noticed the small winged woman on the shoulder of Thanos of Titan. She inquired, if that was a Chaos Mite. The Chaos Mites were the first born of the creation event. They were Alpha life forms deemed unstable by the cosmic consonance. Aegis was curious as to how Skreet survive the great purge of the universe. Skreet pledged to never tell because she might have to hide again. It is possible that she was spawned from the Sprites of Diableri, this mystery goes unsolved, and is still under investigation.

The Gods shepherded the young Universe, maintaining the delicate balance between order and chaos. As a result the Living Universe expanded and flourished. Life thrived on countless worlds, each life form unique from the other. They were formed by the choices made and the actions taken, by those serving the cosmic consonance. The better they performed their task, the less they were needed to perform their assigned task. The Living Universes' need for them lessened, and the Proemial Gods started to diminish from existences. One of their members, whose functions evolved into awareness and that awareness, had become dark ambition. Diableri of chaos would not see himself erased from the Living Universe. So he embarked on a mission to remake the Universe in his own image.

For his new found purpose Diableri corrupted the purpose of the Proemial Gods, many of them came to embrace his dark ambitions; those most loyal to him were Aegis and Tenebrous. The Proemial beings became engaged in a War of Gods, and Gods died. Had Diableri not brought his war to Galactus he would have achieved his dark ambitions.

This recount of Universal history comes from the World Devourer Galactus, as he prepares his noble Herald the Silver Surfer to track down Aegis and Tenebrous. Galactus sought revenge for their interference in the Annihilation conflict allowing both he and the Silver Surfer to become lab rats to Thanos of Titan. Not only did Thanos experiment on Galactus, while he was looking for a way to extract the Power Cosmic from their very beings, he turned Galactus into cosmic cannon. Galactus sent the Surfer to track down the two Proemial Gods. He was instructed find them and wait for him to come and assist him. Galactus wanted to rid the Universe of them, before they could continue the wicked mission of Diableri.

The Surfer tracked them back to the ruins of Kyln, were they had found the deceased body of their brother Antiphon the Overseer floating in the prison’s wreckage. The Surfer attacked and defeated Aegis and Tenbrous by using the power of the Crunch Cascade itself as a weapon. Galactus arrived to witness the impossible triumph of his Herald.

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