The early exploits of Arch-E-5912 remain a mystery. He first appeared on the Planet of Sakaar and was seen helping the Hulk and the Warbound warriors in the Red King's arena. Arch-E-5912 accompanied the incredible Hulk and the Warbound to Earth, where they were to get revenge on the Earth's heroes that had jettisoned the Hulk from the planet. While in Manhattan, Korg gave Arch-E-5912 an order, which caused him to deploy his self-destruct sequence, seemingly causing the robotic being's death.

As Damage Control was removing the debris from Hulk's rampage, Monstro found Arch-E's remains, and Damage Control's resident scientist, Eugene Strausser, repaired him - at least his head which allowed him to speak again. Arch-E and Eugene had several debates about what the Hulk would do once he discovered his former pilot was operational, but neither one would find out since the Hulk had been defeated and incarcerated. However, Arch-E was beneficial in explaining to the Chrysler Building that its sudden awakening was due to the Shadow-Stone that previously made up the star ship the Warbound came to Earth in. Arch-E is presumably still in Damage Control's possession, but whether or not Strausser reattached his head to his body has yet to be revealed.









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