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Battle on Planet Hulk for New Season of 'MARVEL SNAP'


Battle on Planet Hulk for New Season of 'MARVEL SNAP'

Say hello to the planet Sakaar, where the biggest battles take place at the Grand Arena! Choose your fighter in the newest season of 'MARVEL SNAP'!

The Brood


The Brood’s 8 Baddest Battles

Take a look back at some of their most menacing attacks.



After the Incredible Hulk was exiled to space by the Illuminati, and his ship fell through a wormhole and crash landed on the barbaric planet of Sakaar. The weakened Hulk was captured and taken prisoner by the Red King's guards. He was taken to the Red King's arena were he was to battle the strongest gladiators of Sakaar. The Hulk persuades Hiroim, Elloe, Korg, and Miek to join forces with him in taking down the Red King. The five of them created an upraising that quickly spread through the inhabitants of the planet. The Red King sent his personal guards-woman Caiera the Oldstrong to kill the Hulk and his new allies, in order to put an end to their rebellion. Caiera and the Hulk engaged in a battle, which ended virtually in a tie, the Red King immediately released the plague of the Spikes, which were also alien to the planet to Sakaar. These cosmic parasites began to destroy everyone in their path, even the Red King's own men. This atrocity caused Caiera to join the hulk and his allies. These six warriors took on the name of Warbound (which explained their circumstances), they battled ferociously to free the Spikes from the Red King's control, soon after that victory the Hulk defeated the Red King and married Caiera.

Hulk became king, and he and Caiera were to have a son. All seemed well, and the Hulk would have a life free from violence and rage. In an unexpected turn of events, the shuttle which brought Hulk to this strange world exploded, killing millions including Caiera. The Hulk's fury was unleashed as never before, and he wanted revenge on those he held responsible. The Warbound vowed to stand at Hulk's side and traveled with him to Earth. Together, the Warbound defeated members of the Illuminati, Avengers, Fantastic Four, and a slew of other super-powered individuals who inhabit the planet. It wasn't until one of their own was revealed to be a traitor, deliberately causing the destruction on Sakaar just so Hulk would continue to fight, that the war ended. Miek was beaten nearly to death by the Hulk when his treachery was revealed, and the rest of the Warbound were taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody after Hulk surrendered. After the war had ended, the Warbound had a chance to redeem themselves when an expanding chasm the Hulk created threatened to destroy the city of New York. The Warbound helped their former enemies avert the disaster but then escaped in the confusion.

The Warbound eventually ended up in the clutches of the Leader and stuck inside his Gammaworld dome. While inside, the Warbound proved to be heroes despite their initial intentions upon arriving on the planet when they saved numerous lives from both the radiation slowly poisoning them and from Horde - a gamma spawned creation of the Leader's. Hiroim even made the supreme sacrifice and gave up his life to stop the Leader, but a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Kate Waynesboro inherited his Old Power and became part of the Warbound.

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