Aria was an inmate on a Prison World run by the Elder of the Universe known as the Collector, Aria sought to free her fellow prisoners. Hearing of the legendary X-Men, she escaped imprisonment by faking her death and possessing the body of the guard who came to check on her. Stealing a ship, Aria traveled to the planet Earth, where she possessed Wolverine. To ensure her missions success, she tested his abilities against Warbird, Vision, Firestar, Justice, Moon Knight, USAgent, Falcon, Black Widow, Solo, Cardiac, Black Cat, Human Torch and others by making Wolverine appear as a threat. Satisfied with his performance, Aria then convinced him to help her. Arriving on Prison World in her stolen ship, Aria possessed another guard to help Wolverine free the inmates, but they faced staunch opposition and Aria was recaptured. Forced back into her own body, she was fitted with an inhibitor to suppress her power. Freed by Wolverine, she had him shut down Prison World's security systems, unaware that this made the planet visible to the world devourer Galactus. Learning that the Collector had created the planet to protect its inhabitants from Galactus, Aria sought to make amends by possessing the devourer; however, Galactus quickly shook off her possession and dispelled her spirit. Her physical form then sustained mortal wounds during Galactus' consumption of Prison World.




134 lbs.


White (no visible iris)



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