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Angelica Jones manifested her mutant microwave energy powers at the age of thirteen, a trauma made worse by the death of her beloved grandmother, Nana. Nana's passing left Angelica alone with her father Bart, who loved her but had great difficulty coping with Angelica's mutant nature. Relief arrived in the form of Emma Frost, headmistress of the prestigious Massachusetts Academy, which recruited Angelica and provided special training for her mutant powers. The naive young girl came to regard Emma as a sort of surrogate mother, but "kindly Miss Frost" was secretly the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, a high-society group covertly devoted to world domination. Frost's students included a mutant team known as the Hellions, but Angelica was trained largely in isolation, the better for Frost to manipulate her. Frost hoped to groom Angelica (code-named Firestar) as an assassin; but the plan fell apart when Angelica's bodyguard, Randall Chase, sacrificed his life to expose Frost's treachery. Heartbroken, a furious Firestar quit the Academy.

Angelica moved back home, determined to live a normal life - until Night Thrasher uncovered her secret identity and pressured her into helping him found the New Warriors. As a mainstay of that super-youth group, Firestar grew into a formidable albeit reluctant champion, and she forged a lasting romance with fellow Warrior Justice, eventually following him to the legendary Avengers super-team he had long idolized. Shortly before joining the Avengers, Angelica had discovered that the microwave radiation she manipulated was threatening to render her sterile. This problem was solved by Hank Pym, who created a special suit to siphon off Firestar's excess radiation. Free from one of her greatest fears, Firestar resumed her adventures with renewed zeal. For a time, Firestar and Justice infiltrated he Triune Understanding spiritual movement at the behest of Avengers founder Iron Man. After the Triune's corrupt leadership was exposed and neutralized, the couple helped the Avengers thwart Kang's attempted conquest of Earth, then opted for Avengers reserve status to devote more time to their personal lives.

Firestar recently made some decisions regarding both her personal and super-heroic life. First, she decided to end her engagement with Justice, since she felt that she should explore more of her life and future before marriage. And her second decision was to retire from being a superhero; due to the actions caused by the Super-Human Registration Act, which sparked the Civil War.




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