Due to his heredity and high intelligence, the infant Arides was forcibly taken by the Overseers to serve in the Personal Service Corps. As part of a new Kree "Super-Soldier" process, they forced his parents to expose him daily to concentrated photomeson streams. The Overseers were pleased with the final result, but his parents were shocked at how cold their adult son had become. Arides overheard Murius pleading with Falzon to teach their son better values in exile, but Arides betrayed them instead. The scientists got as far as the spaceport before Shatterstar slew his fleeing mother and turned his horrified father over for "rehabilitation."

Nine years later, Falzon objected when the Kree Science Council ordered Shatterstar to gather Earth's Inhumans for use in the upcoming War of Three Galaxies; he was ordered to be silent or die. Falzon aided the Inhuman Royal Family (Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, and Triton) in capturing Shatterstar, but soon found Shatterstar's ally Maximus in control of Attilan. When Falzon tried to convince his son of the wrongness of his actions, he was shot and seriously injured. Before Shatterstar could leave with the most powerful Inhumans, he was tricked into chasing Triton and firing into the Mirror of Eternity, which disintegrated him. The Royal Family later travelled with Falzon to find a new homeworld, but soon returned after learning of another Kree plot against them. Falzon aided the Inhumans against other Kree plots before leaving for parts unknown.

Years later, Shatterstar reintegrated as an energy being and resumed his mission. Quickly capturing Crystal (now an Avenger) and Devlor (allied with Fantastic Force), he took them to a hidden Kree base and tried in vain to contact Hala. The Avengers and Psi-Lord (teenaged [[Richards, Franklin|Franklin Richards) tracked him down, but Arides easily held them off until Deathcry revealed that the War of Three Galaxies was over and the Kree were now part of the Shi'ar Imperium. When the Vision observed Arides was no longer "alive" but now made of solid light, a confused Arides left for Hala to find the truth.

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