5 Characters You Didn’t Know Were Avengers

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The Great Guardians Retrospective Pt. 1


The Great Guardians Retrospective Pt. 1

Marvel’s Bill Rosemann dives deep on birthing the Guardians of the Galaxy!



The Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra Neramani dispatched the mysterious young warrior woman to protect the Avengers, which were targeted by the Kree Admirial Galen-Kor and his highly acclaimed Lunatik Legion. The Kree sought to take revenge on the Avengers for their interference in the Kree-Shi'ar War. This interference tipped the tide of battle in the Shi'ar's favor leading them to emerge victorious in war. The young warrior was stripped of her true name due to the nature of her assignment. She would come to be known only as Deathcry. Later the young Deathcry journeyed to Earth, where she became an honorary member of the Avengers, aiding the group in fending off the Kree attack.

During her time with the Avengers, Deathcry revealed that she was once held captive by the extraterrestrial Rigellians, and was forced to work in their slave pits. She has proven that she is a highly trained Shi'ar warrior, with vast knowledge of the ways of the Kree military. Feeling that her mission had come to an end, Deathcry asked the Olympian, Hercules for his assistance in helping her to return to the Shi'ar Empire.

Deathcry's whereabouts and exploits were unknown for many years until she reemerged in Kree space after the events of the Annihilation Wave. She was captured and charged with the murder of seven Kree. The Kree Admiral Galen-Kor offered her an ultimatum in exchange for her release, she was assigned to a special mission, which was led by the Spartoi, Star-Lord. They were to destroy a Phalanx weapons plant based on a planet in Kree space. During the mission, Deathcry lost her life in a friendly fire accident. Deathcry became enraged with Captain Universe (Gabriel Vargas), when he killed her opponent in battle, causing her to fall into a dangerous berserker rage and lunged at the hero, who was inexperienced with his powers and she was presumably obliterated.




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