August Wu of the Coral Shore

August WuAugust Wu of the Coral Shore

Hong Kong’s magical guardian, August Wu of the Coral Shore fights back the demonic dangers threatening her city.



Hong Kong’s magical guardian, the pink-haired August Wu embodies the old school ways with flowing, bright magic.


Magical Guardian

Daughter to businesswoman Madam Lan, August grows up to become a witch, powers that she inherits from her father. She surrounds herself with magical talismans and ancient totems, but realizes that her home lacks life. She meets Detective Sergeant Adam “Addy” Gulliver, a white man who brings a more traditional lifestyle to her magical world. Together, they have a daughter and name her Alice. But she doesn’t give up her duty to Hong Kong and uses her magical abilities to safeguard the city.


A Witch’s Wand

Capable of casting spells and flight, August’s magic is full of light and as her daughter would say, hoopla. August wields the Staff of Wan-Tai, which projects mystical energy and communicates with her. She also senses magic, good or evil, and is highly adept at reading people—the latter of which is more from her lived experienced rather than something that’s drawn from her powers.

While she wears a mask, she doesn’t try to hide her identity much more than that.


Demonic Dangers

August meets her end at the hands of a demonic entity, one that remains unknown to her family but known to the dark warlock Tongji.


Family Ties and Mystical Allies

August is most closely aligned with her family, her husband Addy and daughter Alice Gulliver, AKA The Wu, who later inherits her powers. Her and her daughter love each other and have the typical heated arguments over what Alice should do with her future. August wants her to work with her mother Madam Lan, a business woman, but Alice wants to be a policeman like her father.

August saves Dr. Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, from some evil acolytes and though she doesn’t help him in his quest, she invites him to her home, trusting him enough as an ally in the fight against darkness.


A History of Sensing Magic

When August sensed the newly minted sorcerer Doctor Strange in Hong Kong, she found him fighting off some acolytes. After introducing herself, she admitted that she couldn’t quite sense his goals and intentions. He informed her he was seeking a great evil veiled in mystery and that the world remained unaware of its existence apart from the acolytes she fought off. She invited Strange to her home where she introduced him to her family, including her husband and daughter.

August expressed to Strange that while she’d like to help him with his secret evil, she became aware of a new demonic entity that arrived and she must hunt it instead. Before he departed, she warned him to not let magic consume him.

Later that night, she faced the demon she sensed and it took her life. The next morning, her daughter Alice awoke with her hair once black now turned pink and possessing her mother’s abilities.



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