The Wu (Alice Gulliver)

Alice GulliverThe Wu

Coming from two cultures, The Wu meets her troubles head-on by using her police training and inherited magical powers to fight criminals, mystical or otherwise.



Inheriting her mother’s magical prowess, Hong Kong’s Detective Alice Gulliver is also known as The Wu, a witch who imbues her modern weapons with unseen magic to give her an edge against criminals.


From Black Ink to Pink

Raised by her mother, Hong Kong’s magical guardian known as August Wu of the Coral Shore, and her white father Detective Sergeant Adam “Addy” Gulliver, Alice grows up in a seemingly traditional home, free of magical talismans and ancient totems. Though everything changes when one night after meeting Dr. Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, through her mother, a demonic entity takes August’s life—the events are not apparently related. Alice awakes the next morning, her jet black hair now pink, the color of her mother’s. But that wasn’t the only thing her mother passed on…Alice had her mother’s magical powers as well. She eventually loses her father to one of the triads and she becomes a detective like her father and hunts them down.


Mystical Abilities

Alice is a trained police officer who hides her witch’s power in her guns and weaponry using hexes and spells that remain unseen by normal eyes. One of her weapons includes a magically--enhanced blade that can cut open portals to other realms, which she uses to forcefully send unwelcome creatures and beings back to their homeland. Her magic also includes force fields that can deflect oncoming bullets.


Demons and Criminals

Alice’s enemies include those who kill her parents, one of the Triads kills her father and an unknown demon kills her mother. Both set her on a path to discover her parents’ murderers all the while using her skills and inherited powers to fight criminal elements.


Mystical Allies

Alice learns to balance what she receives from both her mother and father, her mother’s magic helps her against the mystical powers of the world while her father’s street smarts as a detective help her become a leading detective herself.

Alice teams up with Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch, who sought her help against the Dark Warlock Tongji who was keeping ghosts captive. Though Wanda fights off Tongji’s minions, Alice does the heavy lifting and takes out Tongji. Wanda finds Alice’s deadly methods different than her own but still accepts them.


Tackling Her Issues Head On

When Alice received information that her department had a mole working for the criminal Dow Fat and Fat’s location, she takes it upon herself to catch him before he escapes justice. She arrived to a bridge and hopped aboard Fat’s passing yacht. Dow Fat had both humans and nonhumans, such as elves and pixies, working for him. She chased them off using her magical weapons, sending some of them back to their homelands through a portal with her magic-imbued blade. She nabbed Dow Fat and his pet ogre but Fat wasn’t about to be captured and fired a gun at her. She deflected the bullet with a mystical force field and chucked her blade at him, knocking him out with the hilt. She communicated with her Captain over her hidden communication device embedded in her ear, but then one-eyed robotic beings carrying staffs appeared calling themselves the Empirikul and threatened to cleanse her. Without hesitation, she responded by firing her mystical guns at them.

When an ancient warlock, the Dark Tongji, took hold of Hong Kong, Alice was busy taking down the Lucky Few Triad in the Sham Shui Po district. After taking them down, Alice noticed the Scarlet Wtich lurking nearby and having heard from her Grandmother, Madam Lan, that the Avenger was looking for her, she knew to keep an eye out. Wanda needed her help to solve a case and Alice was quick to join, so Wanda whisked her away to the Kowloon Walled City Park, home to the former lawless city that existed in the same place. Wanda informed Alice about the dead that haunt the land from all the murders that occurred within the city and asked what she knew of the Dark Tongji. Alice knew of him, a dark warlock who granted wishes but he had never broken the law. Wanda revealed that Tongji was holding the ghosts in the park captive and she intended to set them free, while The Wu would defeat the Tongji. Alice accepted and while Wanda fought back Tongji’s minions, the Wu faced Tongji only to be blasted back by his magic. But that didn’t stop her and she tricked him, taking him out with a non-magical bullet. With the Tongji dead, the ghosts were free. Despite defeating the Tongji drawing on her detective background, the experience made Alice feel like she needed to train and improve her spells and powers. She then asked Wanda out for a drink, and they went to an amazing tea house that Alice liked.



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