Auran is a yellow-skinned Inhuman with oversized ears and the Terrigenesis-infused power of super human hearing.

Auran is a member of the New Attilan Security Force along with her partner Nur, another Inhuman who who can project light from his eyes with varying intensities. Together, they make a formidable team protecting and serving the Inhuman kingdom.

Serve and Protect

Auran, a native-born Inhuman that had already gone through Terrigenesis, was working for the Security Force of the floating Inhuman city of Attilan when it blew up over the Hudson River. A cloud of Terrigen Mist from the explosion settled over the region, and Auran escaped with her two daughters. She then met her soon-to-be partner, Frank McGee, who thought he was human before undergoing Terrigenesis. She named him Nur and they re-joined the security force in New Attilan.

Auran Introduction

While Auran served on the Attilan Security Force, her daughter Irelle became a media relations attendant for the Inhuman Queen Medusa. Her other child, Treste, spent a lot of time at the Inhuman neutral meeting place, the Quiet Room.

Loud and Clear

Auran’s Inhuman power is not just simple super human hearing. The lemon-hued listener needs only to think of a word and she can determine where on Earth that word is being spoken and who is speaking it.

Auran Flashback

Her crowd-sourced power comes in extremely handy when tracking down wayward Inhumans. Auran just needs to focus on the Inhuman’s unique codename and she can determine who is talking about the subject of her search and where to find them.

In addition to her hearing abilities, Auran is also a skilled investigator. If there is a crime going on in New Attilan, it is a safe bet that she will track down those responsible.

Noise Pollution

Auran’s enemies are those who cause criminal trouble within the city of Attilan, especially Inhumans working against their own kind. Maximus the Mad—King Black Bolt’s brother who is always seeking to usurp the throne—is a particular thorn in her side.

Auran fighting Maximus

Happy Sounds

Auran and Frank McGee (Nur)

Auran is closest to her partner on the New Attilan Security Force, Nur. She also works very well with Medusa of the Inhuman Royal Family and will perform specific tasks for her Queen, even if they fall outside of her normal security purview.






Yellow (black at the sides of her head)

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Listen and Learn

Auran and Nur’s first task as a pair was to locate the missing patriarch of the Inhuman Royal Family, Black Bolt, on behalf of his wife, Queen Medusa. Auran focused on the word “Maximus” and discovered two women at a nightclub speaking disparagingly of an unsuccessful pickup attempt by the monarch’s mad brother. Auran also learned that Maximus had recently been close in proximity to Black Bolt. Their search led them to this same nightclub where Auran and Nur confronted Black Bolt, who was under Maximus’s thrall.

Auran and Medusa

Maximus forced Black Bolt to use his destructive voice powers, which blew a hole in the side of the club. Auran leapt in front of her partner as the blast struck. Though Nur survived uninjured, she was killed.

Nur then became the legal guardian of Auran’s surviving daughters, Irelle and Treste. The children hatched a plan: they’d interview everyone who ever knew Auran and record their memories in a huge braille book. They gave this completed tome to the blind Inhuman named Reader, who could read things and bring them to life. And so, he did. A duplicate of Auran was created, but one who experienced an existential crisis and lacked control over her powers.

New Auran and her daughters

The new Auran was frightened and confused by her own powers, which didn’t feel the way they did before. Since her entire existence was now based on the memories of others, Auran returned with misinterpreted versions of her original abilities. The memories also included her death as a result of Black Bolt’s voice. Auran now sought vengeance, sending her on a rampage during which she shot Nur. She wanted to kill Black Bolt, but instead she somehow stole his power from him—his voice.

While Black Bolt reunited with Medusa to consult with her, Auran was restrained to avoid causing any further damage. When the royal couple returned with Sterilon to help Auran, a choice arose: return Black Bolt’s powerful, but dangerous voice back to him or destroy the power altogether. To ensure the continued protection of Attilan, Black Bolt chose to take his voice back. Auran continued her new life with her daughters.

New Auran speaking with her daughters

It remains to be seen whether this new Auran will gain enough control over her hearing to resume her life as part of the Security Force.