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The barbarian Axeman Bone’s history is like that of an old folk legend. At birth he was deemed a monster, due to his being an Imperial Prime like father Emperor Angmo himself. The Emperor Angmo frowned on competition and if he knew of the young Prime's existences, it would have been killed and his head sent to the Emperor. To save the young infant they chained him in a dungeon for over ten years. It was only after a villager with lose lips let the secret of the young Prime out and within hours Angmo sent his Imperial Dreadnaughts with their death fire bombs to kill the Prime. However, instead of killing the rival Prime, they freed him. All he had ever known was chains and darkness. Trapped with only the memories of his pain he began and endless slaughter of the Emperor soldiers. He would later come to know of reason, rhetoric and ethics, philosophy and art. Although, on this day all he knew was the sharp pleasure of payback.

Ten year later while the warrior Yenrag was leading the Honor Guard to the hunting grounds of upper Vandro, the Emperor and Guard were attack by a Horrowbeast. The barbarian savage that got away came to their rescue by quickly slaying the beast with a large axe. The Axeman immediately attacked the Emperor. Yenrag had witnessed the Father Emperor tear out the burning heart of a Mawkaw Magkong, break the battle shields of thirteen Native Kings and slaughtered three hundred Bot-crossed warriors in the final battles of the Wars of the Empire. This day Yenrag would see the death of the Emperor by the hands of the Axeman Bone.

After the massive explosion ravaged the planet of Sakaar, Axeman Bone emerged from the ashes of the charred planet and assumed the mantle of power left by the Green Scar and his Warbound Warriors. After learning of the Green Scar’s son’s existence, Axeman Bone began killing all the children of Sakaar in search of Skaar fearing that he might prove to be competition for the throne of Sakaar.









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