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The being known as Baron Zebek was a would-be conqueror of the jungle region of Antica on the planet of Homeworld within Sub-Atomica. He possessed the ability to transform his lower body into the form of a horse, therefore taking a centaur-like appearance and increasing his strength and durability. His rise to power was challenged by the Microverse freedom fighters, Arcturus, Bug, Dexam and Marionette along with the Canadian heroes of Earth known as Alpha Flight. Zebek attempted to pass off his aggressive actions as being for the betterment of the people of Antica, however, Dexam and Marionette infiltrated his ranks disguised as "Shadow Priests," to uncover his true intentions, and they discovered he planned to re-establish the "Body Banks" of Baron Karza. They also learned his legend was a web of lies. After his defeat, Zebek's followers wanted his body so that they could transform him into a horse permanently, allowing him to serve his people for the rest of his existence.









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