Dexam is an inhabitant of Homeworld within the sub-atomic realm of the Microverse. He lived a normal life until the day he was taken to the Body Banks and his limbs were harvested by Baron Karza's servants. Dexam was rescued by the Microverse Freedom Fighters, Arcturus Rann, Bug, and Marionette and he underwent cybernetic surgery, repairing his left arm by grafting a pulse canon to his forearm and replacing the limbs on the left side of his body with mechanical ones. Dexam then joined the freedom fighters in their efforts to defeat the Baron Karza's unified attempt with Thanos to destroy all the sub-atomic realms. Dexam and his friends would be assisted in their endeavors by mutant members of the X-Men. Together they were able to save the realms of the Sub-Atomica, however, there was a massive release of energy which resulted in all the realms being merged into one Microverse.

The Canadian heroes, Alpha Flight, stumbled into the Microverse in an attempt to escape the guards of Department H by passing through the Prometheus Pit. Landing in the Jungle Zone of Homeworld, they encountered Dexam and his comrades. Together they would battle the genocidal threat of Baron Zebek and his Dog Soldiers. After the defeat of Baron Zebek, Dexam decided to remain in Antica to assist the survivors in rebuilding their society.

Dexam remained off the grid for a while until he appeared on the sub-atomic planet of K'ai with his lover, the sorceress Visalia, who was posing as the sister of Queen Jarella. Dexam allied himself with Visalia because he had grown tired of fighting for others' causes just for someone else to come along and reap the benefits of all his hard work. Dexam and Visalia's fraud ended when Captain Marvel initiated a plan to infuriate Drax the Destroyer who was under a love spell cast by the upstart sorceress. Drax flung Dexam and Visalia into the angry crowd below, who brutally beat the pretenders before they were taken into custody by Genis.






Brown (right); cybernetic (left)



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