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The history and background of Baroness S’Bak was under investigation by the Nova Corps. She is one of several minor warlords currently in control of remnants of the Skrull Empire; she appears to have no current desire to rise to the position of Empress, at least not at this time. She has what appeared to be two short horns on her head. Whether this is just a feature of her headdress, or if it is her head is unknown.

The Annihilation Wave’s course of destruction ran directly through her region, it is unknown how many of her worlds have fell victim to the Wave’s genocidal destruction. It has been confirmed that the Super Skrull, Kl’rt came to her seeking aid against the planet-destroying Harvester of Sorrows, which was created by the Negative Zone scientist Hawal.This weapon of mass destruction destroyed the Skrull planet of Aks’lo within the Star System 004. What exactly happened at that meeting is still unclear, but apparently, S’bak refused the Super-Skrulls request to mount an attack against the Harvester of Sorrow. The Baroness was unwilling to leave herself open to an attack from a rival Warlord, by fighting a super weapon that no one knew how to destroy quickly.

S’Bak then called the Super Skrull a laughingstock and an embarrassment to the entire Skrull Empire. She described his exploits as cautionary tales of failure. After constantly being, insulted Kl’rt punched the Baroness hard in the mouth, leading her to order her troops to kill him for treason. Kl’rt escaped the Baroness and her soldiers. He continued to search for allies against the Harvester of Sorrows. The Baroness put up a bounty of three million, golden z’lacks for the capture of the Super Skrull dead or alive.

Before the Nova Corps destruction by the Annihilation Wave, the Nova Corps received the assignment of monitoring the actions of Baroness S’bak. There were rumors that she may have had ambitions to overthrow the other Skrull Warlords, which have been invading her realm. Her territory borders Kree space, resulting in qualms amongst the Skrulls that she has brokered a peaceful alliance with members of the Kree government. There are even reports of her convincing the Accuser-Prime Ronan into annexing a portion of the Kree Empire.




136 lbs.




Unrevealed, but she has two short horns on her head

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