Hawal was an insectoid type being born in the dimension of the Negative Zone, on the planet of Arthos. He joined forces with the tyrant Annihilus. Hawal was the designer and creator of the Harvester of Sorrows, which was a living organism that fed off of planets and their inhabitants to survive. While on the prison planetoid of UX-73, Hawal performed his twisted science on the inmates as torture. Several of those inmates escaped and sought there revenge on him. Among the escapees were Praxagora and Preak. They would not have the chance to get their revenge on Hawal, because he had been captured by the Super Skrull from the positive matter universe. The Super Skrull needed Hawal to make a weapon that would destroy the Harvester of Sorrows, before it destroyed the Skrull planet of Zarags’na. The Super Skrull’s only son Sarnogg was believed to be on that planet. Hawal was tortured until he made a virus that would destroy the Harvester, and then he was beheaded.






Compound eyes/green



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