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BensonBiggie Benson



Biggie Benson was a small time mob boss in the state of New York. He was able to advance his criminal organization by paying off corrupt cops within the N.Y.P.D., however, all his efforts to corrupt officer Willie Lincoln failed. This prompted Benson to frame the loyal officer for bribery. Willie underwent an internal investigation and he was unable to clear his good name. He eventually left the states to serve his country in Vietnam, where he lost his sight. Willie returned home after befriending the hero Daredevil, who directed him to seek out Matthew Murdock to assist him in getting his job back on the force. Benson was eventually taken to trail but he made bail and placed a hit on Willie, although the hit was thwarted by Daredevil, resulting in Benson being sent to prison. While in prison Benson paid the ingenious robotic engineer Starr Saxon to kill Daredevil, but Saxon was unable to fulfill the contract.








Blonde (balding)

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