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Willie Lincoln



Willie Lincoln injured his eyes while serving his country in the Vietnam War, when a soldier accidentally lobbed a grenade in the middle of his squad, and Willie sacrificed himself to save his fellow soldiers. The accident resulted in Willie only being able to see hazy images and shadowy forms. After undergoing several test he was informed by the doctors that he would eventually go totally blind. Lincoln and the rest of the soldiers stationed in Vietnam were visited by the hero Daredevil, when Willie lost his sight altogether. Willie became hysterical and had to be sedated. When he woke up the doctor informed him that Daredevil was his first visitor. Willie informed Daredevil that he was a cop in his civilian life and there was noway that he would be accepted back on the force now that he had lost his sight. Daredevil asked Willie to seek out his friend Matthew Murdock when he returned to the states and he would assist him in getting his job back. Willie returned home and met with the captain of his department to see if he could get his job back, although the captain was unable to help him due to his being under investigation for taking a bribe before going to the service. Willie's search for help led him to the Welfare office where he met Karen Page who suggest that he see her Layer friend Matthew Murdock. Willie met with Murdock and told him that he had been framed by the mobster Biggie Benson, who tried to get him to be a dirty cop, but he never gave in. Murdock eventually exonerated Willie from all charges and revealed to Willie that he too was blind. Benson was eventually locked up for attempting to frame an officer of the Law.

A short time later Biggie Benson hired Starr Saxon to use a robot with a built in scent-locator (a device that allowed it to identify his target no matter how he was disguised), to kill Daredevil. The robot's first attempt was foiled when Willie stumbled upon the robot carrying Murdock to an unidentified location. Daredevil eventually defeated Saxon and his robot. Willie later Testified at the trail of Biggie Benson, when it was revealed that Benson was just small potatoes and the real threat to the citizens of New York was a criminal by the name of Crime-Wave. Willie stumbled into the underground lair of Crime-Wave and revealed its location to Matthew Murdock and District Attorney Foggy Nelson. Crime-Wave hired a contract killer by the name of Torpedo to kill Willie, although Willie saved Daredevil's life by pushing Torpedo of the rooftop of a flea-ridden hotel and allegedly killing Torpedo, while under the protective custody of the N.Y.P.D..









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