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The History of Spider-Man: 1984


The History of Spider-Man: 1984

Spidey joins Secret Wars, gets his original black costume and much more in a very busy year!



Through a member of his Black Apostles, Black Abbott hired Taskmaster to recruit a group of street gangs from various neighborhoods. This gathering would be interrupted by Spider-Man and Nomad. One of the gang members decided that he wanted no part of something involving super-heroes; the Apostle reduced the man to ashes and then attempted to do the same to Spider-Man. However, Nomad grabbed Taskmaster's shield and threw it between them, causing the Black Apostle's hand to burn into ashes and run.

A Scourge working for the Red Skull claimed to have killed Black Abbott moments before the Red Skull killed the Scourge himself.

It is unknown if the Black Abbott claimed to have been killed was actually Black Abbott or one of the Black Apostles’ posing as Black Abbott.




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