Black Mamba

Tanya SealyBlack Mamba



Black Mamba worked for a while as a call girl, before turning to a life of crime. Then Roxxon Oil Company hired Black Mamba (along with Anaconda, Death Adder and Sidewinder) to retrieve the Serpent Crown. To help in this mission Roxxon's subdivision, the Brand Corporation placed a device in her brain, which gives her powers.

Sidewinder later asked Black Mamba to join the Serpent Society, where she became friends with Asp and Diamondback, and lover of Sidewinder.

Black Mamba later joined with Asp and Diamondback to form B.A.D. Girls, Inc. which she briefly left to help in the Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil. Black Mamba recently rejoined B.A.D. Girls, Inc.


5' 7"


115 lbs





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