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Formerly an economics professor at a college, he was dismissed from his position, which led him to the Roxxon Oil Company. Little did he know, he would be ordered to perform criminal acts for the company, and he took the name Sidewinder due to his ability to travel through dimensions and teleport using a specially created cloak. Hugh Jones, president of Roxxon, formed the Serpent Squad and gave leadership to Sidewinder. Their first mission was to find the Serpent Crown, a mythical object, but their plans were interrupted by the Thing and Triton. Though his comrades Anaconda, Death Adder, and Black Mamba met defeat, Sidewinder was able to escape with the crown.

Later, Sidewinder invited his former group to join the Serpent Society, along with several other snake-themed villains. With his economical knowledge, Sidewinder's team of mercenaries proved to be one of the most formidable organization in the country. However, Viper invaded the group and turned several members against Sidewinder, promising even larger amounts of profit. Sidewinder abandoned the group, and turned leadership over to Cobra, who later took the name King Cobra. Stressed from the life of a criminal, Sidewinder decided to leave the industry, but not without first saving Diamondback from the Serpent Society's death sentence.

Most recently, Sidewinder has been seen on television, speaking about the Thunderbolts and life as a reformed super-villain.




180 lbs.





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