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K’Shamba was a honorary member of the council of Wakanda in the year 2099, when a revitalized Doctor Doom invaded Wakanda with his Latverian forces. As the last son of T’Challa, the original Black Panther, was dead, the legacy of the warrior kings was at an end. The only thing left to keep the small nation together was the council, a group of elderly men whose primary interest was the fattening of their own pockets. So when Doctor Doom’s Doom Bots invaded the country to gain control of their Vibranium deposits, there was nothing to stand in their way, and within six weeks the Latverian flag flew above the capitol building.

After being released along with the other council members, once they had signed over the country to Doom, K’Shamba took his pregnant wife, M’tolla, and fled. While trying to raid an abandoned food market, a Doom Bot stopped K’Shamba, but an older man riding a motorcycle shot it before it could apprehend K’Shamba. The man identified himself as member of the Wakandan resistance, and offered K’Shamba a place to fight back for his country. Over the next few weeks, the resistance fought a guerilla war against Doom’s robot copies, even breaking into the broadcast tower to ask for help from the U.N. But Doom had jammed all outgoing transmissions, and the resistance was left with few options.

As K’Shamba had shown himself to be a capable warrior and leader, the elder leader of the resistance turned over leadership to him. Then, in a daring act, K’Shamba led a direct attack on the capitol building. When it had succeeded, he suggested a second attack on the capitol, quickly, before Doom could regroup his forces. Knowing that there was no better time, the elder presented K’Shamba with the mask of the Black Panther, believing that the people needed him for inspiration. K’Shamba knew that the mantle of the panther was his destiny, and so he donned the costume, and led his people in a whirlwind revolt on the usurping forces. It took less than six weeks before Doom retreated back to Latveria, leaving K’Shamba as the Black Panther, Wakanda’s new warrior king.

But though it seemed that Doom had failed, in a cruel twist it was revealed that K’Shamba was merely another of Doom’s puppets. The ruler of Latveria may have been physically ousted from the country, but his presence still dominated the land. This time, with the people’s full consent.









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