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Roxanne Simpson was the daughter of Crash Simpson and Mona Simpson. She was also the child hood sweetheart of Johnny Blaze. These two love struck youngsters would eventually grow up, get married and have two children, Craig and Emma. While married to John Roxanne has ran afoul some very heavy supernatural characters, such as Mephisto who made an ungodly bargain with her husband John: Regent who abducted her children due to her bargaining with him to cure Blaze of the Ghost Rider curse. She later fell into confrontation with Dark Design, Initiate, George Waters who were all members of the Hidden a group of hellish ninjas assembled by Regent. Roxanne was killed by Anton Hellgate. She would soon be raised from the dead and transformed into a red skinned demon named Black Rose, by Blackheart.

Black Rose helped unleash the Olympian goddesses of vengeance known as the Furies to destroy the Ghost Rider and his accursed bloodline. The Furies fiendish onslaught was expunged from the mortal plane by the Forces of Light, and she found her cornered by the trio Noble, Blaze and the young sorceress Jennifer Kale. Black Rose was too weak to defend her self and was about to meet her death by the hands of Blaze and his hellfire shotgun, but Blackheart intervened and revealed via cryptic message to the trio that Black Rose was Roxanne Simpson.

Black Rose later married the Ghost Rider, Noble Kale.









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