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It is documented that Regent may have existed since the fall of Atlantis and battled the demon Zarathos alongside the members of the Blood. When the threat of Zarathos lessened Regent sought the mystical Medallion of Power for himself. Unable to secure the Medallion, he decided that it might be easier to control members of the protected bloodline to obtain the Medallion. Choosing this path brought him into direct conflict with the Caretaker also a member of the Blood.

In order to save her lover Johnny Blaze, who had become possessed by the Ghost Rider, Roxanne Simpson made a deal to turn over any children she had by Johnny to Regent, for a cure for her lover. Regent sent his agents the Hidden to abduct Roxanne's children Craig and Emma, they were order to kill Johnny in the process. The crafty Regent abducted Roxanne form the hospital after a failed attempt by his agents. Blaze with the assistance of the Seer fought valiantly to keep the children from being abducted, although they were unsuccessful. The children were taken to the Regent's stronghold in the Colorado Rockies.

Johnny eventually defeated the Hidden agents, but in doing so he caused an avalanche burring them all. It appeared that they all were able to escape unharmed. Johnny cornered the Regent who in desperation threatened to kill the kids unless Johnny surrendered. Regent was quickly overtaken when the Seer blasted him, freeing the children from his grasp. Johnny made and enormous explosion destroying the stronghold and apparently killing Regent and his Hidden agents. Johnny, the Seer and his family escaped with minor injuries.




Unrevealed, although he possessed vast knowledge of magic and things that were supernatural, such the <a href='/items/medallion-of-power'>Medallion of Power</a>.



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