Bloodline (Brielle “Bri” Brooks)

Brielle “Bri” BrooksBloodline

As the daughter of the legendary Daywalker Blade, Bri Brooks has vampire hunting in her blood.


DRACULA: BLOOD HUNT #1 cover by Rod Reis


In 'Dracula: Blood Hunt,' the Lord of Vampires Takes the Daughter of Blade Under His Wing

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BLOODLINE: DAUGHTER OF BLADE (2023) #3 artwork by Karen S. Darboe


Meet Safron Caulder, Blade's Longtime Love

Mother. Lover. Vampire killer. Learn more about Safron Caulder, the woman raising the next dhampiric vampire slayer, just in time for her next appearance in 'Bloodline: Daughter of Blade' #3!



Inheriting her father’s Daywalker abilities, student Brielle “Bri” Brooks tests her newfound superpowers on the undead themselves: vampires.


Daughter of Blade

The daughter of legendary Daywalker and vampire hunter Eric Brooks, AKA Blade, Brielle grows up largely unaware of his profession and is intead raised by her mother, Safron Caulder, in Atlanta, Georgia, where she works at a hospital. At a young age, Bri joins a softball league as shortstop and one night, after trying on her uniform, she comes upon a picture of her mother and father, but apologizes to her mother for snooping.

As a teen, Bri notices increased strength while hitting balls at a batting cage when she breaks her bat by simply swinging it, but can’t replicate it the next day for her friend Jayden. She and Jayden are soon attacked by creatures, one of which bites her but scampers off from Bri’s apparently bad-tasting blood. Realizing these creatures are vampires, she starts to investigate vampire sightings and brings her friend from school, Jayden, in on her secret.


Daywalker Powers

When Brielle’s abilities begin to surface, they’re often only at night and include enhanced strength and speed, night vision, a sense for the supernatural, and quick reflexes.

She’s adept at using anything in her surroundings as a defensive weapon, and can handle herself in hand-to-hand combat with the likes of vampires. Bri also appears to have an off-putting scent and blood to vampires.



In the early days of discovering her new powers, Bri comes up against a few vampires, some of whom attack and bite her but are repelled by her scent and taste. She has a knack for seeking them out and fighting them off.



Bri has a couple close friends, Jayden and Rebecca, though she keeps the latter in the dark about her vampire investigations and growing abilities. Bri has a close relationship with her mother but her mother conceals her heritage from her, to keep her away from the life that Bri’s father, Blade, leads.


Rush of Blood to the Head

Bri fought off an attack from a vampire named Eturnal that her friend Jayden had beat in a video game competition. In the scuffle, Eturnal grabbed her silver bracelet, which burned him, giving Bri an opportunity to grab Jayden’s custom controller which she used to knock Eturnal out. She made it back home just in time for her mother’s imposed curfew.

On Halloween night before meeting up with her friend from school, Rebecca, Bri investigated a potential vampire sighting she heard about through an Atlanta forum online. In her investigation, she came upon two ghost hunters, Ravenette and her boyfriend, Vince, who were there to take care of the ghost who was allegedly causing construction delays in the area. Though it turned out that these ghost hunters were attempting to restrain the ghost, who suddenly appeared to possess Ravenette. Bri realized it was their antagonizing that caused the ghost to lash out, so she reassured the ghost that they were in the wrong and that she could help them. The ghost relented, letting Ravenette go and she and her boyfriend took off. Bri saw the ghost in its true form, a fiery visage of his former self, and he told her his name was Hector and that he grew up on the block. While she was still living, he was waiting for his wife to join him in the afterlife, however long it took, and wouldn’t move no matter what was built there. Bri left him be, tears streaming down her face, and headed off to meet up with Rebecca, who remains blissfully unaware of Bri’s new nightly activities.

Later, when her teachers get frustrated with Bri, they call in her mother for a conference. Though they didn’t have any academic or specific behavioral issues with Bri, so her mother refused to let them bully her daughter and left. On their way out, a female vampire attacked them. Bri shoved the vampire back who commented Bri’s strange smell. Bria and her mother worked together and to Bri’s surprise, her mother pulled out a steak, slaying the vampire. Back home, they were both shocked to learn that each of them knew about the existence of such creatures. Her mother presented a long staff on the dining table but told her daughter not to touch it. That’s when Bri revealed the experiences she had a month prior with breaking her bat and surviving an attack by creatures while out at night with Jayden. Her mother relayed that she possibly understood what was happening to Bri but didn’t know why. She asked her daughter for time to figure it out and told her to keep a low profile. But Bri wasn’t about to give up testing out her new skills nor her vampire hunting since it appeared that her mother was retired from the game.

Back at school, Bri kept Jayden up to date on the latest revelation about her mother but kept it from Rebecca. A new student arrived, Whitney Nieves, who was sat in front of Bri in class. Bri was welcoming but Whitney was a bit rude. Later that night, Bri skipped practice to check out a house where she saw vampires hanging around. Walking around the house by the light of her phone, she was soon attacked from behind from a hooded figure. Punches were thrown from the pair and assuming it was a vampire, Bri called it a bloodsucker, but it turned out the hooded figure was equipped with a steak and when Bri shouted that she was human, she got a closer look at the hooded figure. To her surprise, it was Whitney, the new girl from school.



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