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An Irish orphan youth befriended by Dane Whitman (the modern day Black Knight), Sean Dolan helped Whitman, Victoria Bentley and others oppose the forces of Morgan Le Fay. Dolan assisted the Black Knight as squire thereafter. When killers’ seeking Whitman’s mystical Ebony Blade menaced Victoria, Dolan drew the blade in her defense, and its curse transformed into the demonic, murderous Bloodwraith. After slaying Bentley’s attackers, battling the Avengers, and besting the Black Knight in a duel, Bloodwraith stole Whitman’s winged steed Valinor and fled. Later, Bloodwraith killed criminal duo Flame and Foam, and fought Whitman and the mercenary Deadpool, accidentally impaling Victoria Bentley and trapping her soul within the Blade. The Blade’s bloodlust diminished somewhat as a result, and Dolan went into seclusion. When the reincarnated Morgan Le Fay sought to raise Atlantis, Bloodwraith battled Morgan and aquatic heroes Triton, Namor, and Andromeda, temporarily falling under Morgan’s influence himself. The Blade claimed the souls of Namor and Andromeda during these battles, though Namor was soon resurrected, freeing the souls of his long-lost wife Marrina from the Blade in the process. Losing the Blade during the Atlantean chaos, Dolan stole an alternative Ebony Blade (formerly wielded by Whitman’s mad alternative-reality counterpart Proctor), and was transformed into the rampaging Black Wraith. Aided by Valinor, the Avengers retrieved Dolan’s original Ebony Blade, restoring him to a more human state. Later, while Dolan was doing voluntary humanitarian work in the destroyed country Slorenia, the Blade somehow drew power from the souls of the recently slaughtered Slorenian populace, and transformed Dolan into a savage, unstoppable giant. The Avengers were unable to defeat him, and the Scarlet Witch was unable to severe Dolan’ link to the Slorenian souls; so instead, she strengthened his bond, making it impossible for Bloodwraith to leave Slorenian territory. The mad giant has been trapped in the deserted country ever since, monitored by SHIELD and the Avengers. The Black Knight and Black Panther have both wielded versions of the Ebony Blade recently. It is not yet clear whether either Blade was somehow taken from Bloodwraith, or if he still retains his sword.


(Dolan) 5’11”; (giant) approx. 100


(Dolan) 160 lbs. ; (giant) unrevealed


(Dolan) Blue; (Bloodwraith) red, later white


(Dolan) Reddish-blond; (Bloodwraith) none

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