Bonehead is a repeat offender that won’t learn the simple lesson – crime doesn’t pay. After escaping from prison, Bonehead attempted to rob a charity fund raiser but was interrupted when Speedball caught him and his gang red-handed. A scuffle ensued, and the gang split up in separate directions with Bonehead still holding the cash. Speedball gave chase, and Bonehead tried to knock Speedball out by repeatedly delivering head-butts to the kinetically powered hero. The continuous smashing of heads led to bigger and bigger rebounds, and Bonehead was the one who lost in the end. Winding up with a terrible migraine, Bonehead, and his gang, was taken to jail.

Nevertheless, that wasn’t the last of Bonehead because a prison break and a new job brought him and a bunch of Springdale’s worst together to do a job for the villain, Rebound. Bonehead, and his new gang, had a relatively simple job of nabbing a cat with the same powers as Speedball. Niels, the bouncing kitty, was eventually caught, but with a little help from an alternate Speedball they were able to beat Bonehead and his fellow villains. However, Bonehead made Speedball’s job a little easier when he accidentally used his massive cranium to render the Ghost of Springdale High unconscious with a head-butt meant for Speedball. Still, Bonehead was carted back to jail with the group.









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