Ghost of Springdale High

Fred CaskeyGhost of Springdale High



Hired to find a secret stash hidden somewhere in Springdale High, Fred Caskey, had run-in with Springdale’s masked marvel, Speedball, who thought Caskey had something to do with a recently uncovered murder. Caskey bested Speedball in combat and left Speedball bouncing around the school’s hallways. The janitor’s heard the noises and thought the ghost of the murder victim was haunting the school. Caskey got away, but returned on another night to complete his assignment. Caskey found the stash, and the janitors finally saw their ghost, but as the Ghost of Springdale High was trying to escape, Speedball assaulted him and Caskey ended up getting caught in his own feed line that he was using to repel down the building. Caskey turned over the evidence to avoid murder charges, but he was arrested nonetheless.

The Ghost of Springdale High returned when a major prison break set all of Speedball’s foes free, and a man calling himself Rebound hired them for a very special job. A kinetically powered cat named Niels was their target and a newly formed group of super-villains were hot on its trail. The assignment was to catch Niels for Rebound, but when an alternate reality Speedball showed his face on the scene, the task proved almost too big for Caskey and friends. Even though Niels was captured, Speedball confronted the Ghost of Springdale High – as he did all the rest – and a misdirected head-butt from Bonehead served to put Caskey flat on his back. Caskey was sent back to jail, and it can be assumed the only place the Ghost of Springdale High will be haunting for the foreseeable future is his prison cell.









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