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Callisto was the captain of a ship that was attracted by a flare in the sky. Upon approaching the signal, Callisto and her crew were asked to help free some passengers that were trapped on the other side of the cargo doors and slowly choking to death. Upon releasing the passengers, Callisto offered to take the them to Avalon and Newell , the captain of the other ship agreed. He then parted ways with Callisto. She told the passengers to hand over all of their valuables as the ship was meant to be a shipwreck recovery vessel and it would help with their alibi. The passengers then hid in the ballast tanks below. However, Nightcrawler, who was a passenger on the other ship, did not join his fellow passengers as his gut instinct told him not to and he was right. As soon as the ship was in deeper water, Callisto released the ballast tanks and sent all of the passengers into the freezing water below, killing them instantly. Seeking revenge, Nightcrawler killed most of the crew and then proceeded to battle Callisto herself. However, Callisto was killed by Mystique who was protecting her son, Nightcrawler, from harm.




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