Mystique (Age of Apocalypse)




Mystique was sent by Magneto to safely deliver Rogue from America to the X-Men base in Wundagore Mountain. Despite spending such a short amount of time with the young lady, Mystique had actually become emotionally attached to Rogue. When the time came for them to go their separate ways, Mystique ran out of the room crying unable to say her goodbye. She returned to her duty to ferry refugees safely to Avalon to escape the plight of Apocalypse’s reign in America. However she would take almost everything the refugees carried on them as a price to enter paradise. This act would often plague Mystique’s mind and she would deem herself unfit to enter Avalon as a result.

On one occasion the last two consignment of refugees failed to show up and Mystique discovered that they had been killed by pirates. She took a helicopter and went out searching for them. However when she found them she discovered her son Nightcrawler had already killed most of the crew himself and was battling the captain, Callisto. Mystique interrupted the battle and shot Callisto dead. She then took her son back to her Antarctic station where she resided. While there mother and son had an argument over the tariffs that Mystique imposes on the refugees that come to seek sanctuary in Avalon. Mystique admitted that she had a guilty conscience over this and refused to step foot in Avalon. Nevertheless she accompanied Nightcrawler to Avalon to seek out the woman called Destiny to help in Magneto’s plans against Apocalypse. When they finally arrived in Avalon they were greeted by Destiny herself who was delighted to see her old friend at last. Mystique told Destiny all about Magneto’s plans for the war against Apocalypse but Destiny was unsure how to react. She had predicted that Avalon would one day go up in flames because of Apocalypse’s arrival. She feared that her departure would instigate this. Almost immediately upon voicing her concerns, Avalon was attacked by Apocalypse’s forces. However they were quickly subdued and Damask decided to defect from Apocalypse’s service after witnessing the beauty of Avalon. Unfortunately Shadow King wasn’t far behind and proved to be more of a problem for Avalon. He possessed the minds of almost every citizen and killed them. He then possessed Mystique but Nightcrawler came up with an idea to defeat them. He teleported with Damask and Switchback, who had the ability to slow down the transition time of Nightcrawler’s teleports. While in between teleports they saw the Shadow King enjoying Mystique’s suffering. Damask used her ability to create a psychic chain to attack the Shadow King and killed him. This left Mystique in complete control of her mind.




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