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In a mad scheme to claim all of Earth's ocean floors, and essentially three-quarters of the Earth itself, Captain Omen dubbed himself master of a massive self-sustaining ship called Infra-World.

The Hulk, already engaged in battle with a submarine, soon found himself captive of Captain Omen and his strange crew. The brute did not fully understand his situation and attempted to escape, but with nowhere to go coupled with his inability to breathe underwater, the Hulk was easily hunted down and recaptured by Omen's men riding atop of mythical Toad-Whales. As the Hulk was left in a decompression chamber to recover, Captain Omen was startled to see his transformation into his alter-ego, Bruce Banner. Feeling Banner would be able to appreciate Infra-World's wonder, Captain Omen gave him a tour of the ship, but when Banner did not share Omen's vision, the Hulk was released again. A brief battle with the captain's workers left Hulk stranded on the ocean floor. Captain Omen gave Hulk a helmet so he can breathe, but he did not allow Hulk back on his ship. Instead, he told Hulk to follow behind the ship and hoped to keep him roaming the ocean floor for the rest of his life.

Unknown to Captain Omen, his son, Filius, was organizing a mutiny in order to force his father to permit the crew to travel to the surface world – a place they have never seen but longed to be a part of. Filius saved the Hulk and smuggled him back onto Infra-World, so he could lead the revolt against Captain Omen. Unfortunately for Filius, one of his own betrayed the cause and informed Omen of the mutiny. Captain Omen was prepared for the attack and unleashed his loyal slave, Aquon to dispatch the Hulk. The two monsters tore through the hull of the ship and it began to flood, endangering all on board. Captain Omen had to pump the water back into the ocean, and Aquon mistakenly went with it. His servant gone, Omen surrendered to the Hulk and Filius and did as he was told. He brought Infra-World to the surface and allowed some of his crew to leave.

Almost as soon as they touched dry land, Captain Omen's former crew members began to explode and die. Because they were born in the sea, Omen's crew had evolved to survive in the immense underwater pressure, and their hearts were too strong and blood pressure too high for the surface world causing it to force its way out of their bodies in a grotesque explosion. Captain Omen left his crew, including Filius, to die as he returned to the ocean floor.




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