The villain known as Carjack was a small time thug with a group of followers that did his bidding. Stealing cars and reselling them along with dealing in drugs and illegal weapons was how he terrorized the city streets. Three members of his team were in the process of carjacking a female driver when Thunderstrike impeded their progress and allowed the authorities to haul them away to prison. With that Carjack decided that it was time to turn up the heat, but he never got a chance to because Bloodaxe found his chop shop with the intention of stopping Carjack permanently. The group of criminals, however, was granted a reprieve since Thunderstrike trailed the murderous vigilante and stopped him before he could spill any blood. Hearing the approaching sirens, Carjack and his crew ditched their costumes to avoid arrest, but they were still detained by Lieutenant Stone and Code: Blue.

The gang made bail and was ready to start their wave of terror again, but Bloodaxe was determined to spoil their fun. Despite the fact that Carjack was far from a decent human being, Thunderstrike would not let him die at the hands of his enemy and the two super-powered individuals clashed once more. As they were fighting, Carjack and his men opened fire on their two costumed foes, but Bloodaxe deflected their bullets back at them seriously wounding some and killing others. Thunderstrike didn't hold back any longer and defeated Bloodaxe by bringing the chop shop down around their heads. When the authorities arrived, they found enough evidence to put Carjack away for a long time, and carted away all of the wounded.

After Carjack was apparently released from prison, he was found dead in an alleyway - a victim of the mysterious Judge.








Black dreadlocks (with mask), Dirty blonde (without mask)

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