Code: Blue

Code: Blue



Feeling that conventional police tactics and S.W.A.T. teams were ineffective against some super powered criminals, Lieutenant Stone proposed a program to train and equip dedicated police officers to specifically deal with those types of menaces. Dubbed Code: Blue, their first assignment was to take down the Wrecking Crew. Surrounded by police while holding a hostage, the Wrecker attempted to use his newfound skill with Asgardian magic to find the rock troll Ulik, but his inexperience gave Code: Blue enough time to secure positions around the building and attack. The organized strike enabled the officers to free the hostage while slowing the Wrecking Crew down. Eventually, the Wrecker used his crowbar to teleport his allies away leaving Code: Blue to score their first mission as a win. However, the Wrecking Crew would continue their search for Ulik who was now partnered with Loki and the Enchantress. Also, Britain’s premiere team, Excalibur, journeyed to the states in search of the Juggernaut, but ended up in a fight with the Crew instead. The commotion brought Code: Blue and the Asgardian Thunder God, Thor, into the fray, but that’s when the troubles really began. The Wrecker used the magic in his crowbar to disguise Thor as the Juggernaut so Excalibur would attack him, but Code: Blue, unaffected by the magic, was at odds with both groups while trying to protect a now captive Thor. The Enchantress further escalated the violence when she covertly attacked the Wrecker sending his crew into a fighting frenzy. Thor eventually freed himself and the battle with Excalibur was rejoined, leaving Code: Blue to deal with the Wrecking Crew once again. Shadowcat’s pet dragon, Lockheed, noticed the Enchantress and Ulik on a nearby rooftop and attacked them turning the tide of battle. Now that the two Asgardians had been discovered, the Wrecker shifted his wrath toward them forcing them to retreat, and once Ulik was gone the Wrecker teleported Thunderball and Piledriver away from the battlefield. With the Wrecker gone, his magic also dissipated and Excalibur now saw that it was really Thor they were fighting the whole time, and the hostilities ceased. Code: Blue took an unconscious Bulldozer into custody, and Thor left with Excalibur to find the true Juggernaut. While transferring Bulldozer to the Vault, Code: Blue members Mad Dog Rassitano and Rigger Ruiz were ambushed by the Wrecking Crew and Bulldozer was free once more. The officers were outnumbered and in danger of a severe beating, but the timely involvement of Ghost Rider drove the Wrecking Crew off.

Loki wasn’t finished with the Wrecker just yet, and abducted him in an attempt to siphon off the Asgardian power within the Wrecker for his own evil purposes. During the Wrecker’s unbearable torture, the mighty Thor sensed that his half-brother was up to no good and set out to confront him. In the meantime, the Enchantress and Ulik kidnapped the son of Eric Masterson, Kevin, to serve in another part of Loki’s plans. At the command of Loki, Ulik challenged Thor in order to give the Asgardian God of mischief the appropriate amount of time to absorb the Wrecker’s powers. Ulik was finally conquered and the inevitable battle between Loki and Thor drew near. The battle caused enough chaos to bring Code: Blue running. Making their way inside the structure turned battleground, Lieutenant Stone and his team rescued Kevin Masterson, and Stone himself was a witness to the death of Loki at Thor’s hands. Thor, defying a direct command of his father, Odin, to never kill another Asgardian, was banished from both Earth and Asgard leaving Eric Masterson to take his place as the new Thor. Ulik, unaware of the events that transpired after his defeat, went in search of Thor to exact his revenge, but he only managed to get himself incarcerated after the new Thor, along with Code: Blue, took him down a second time.

Code: Blue next attempted to arrest the criminals known as the Absorbing Man and Titania during their battle with Thor and Spider-Man. The officers quickly discovered that their weapons were no match for the Absorbing Man as he absorbed the properties of the projectiles that were shot at him, but Titania was temporarily captured by one of the contraptions developed by Rigger until the Absorbing Man freed her. Thor defeated the Absorbing Man, and Titania was more concerned for her injured lover than continuing the fight, so the two of them were apprehended and carted off to jail by the authorities. The celebration was short lived though as Uroc the Invincible broke into Ryker’s Island Prison to free the captive Ulik. Lieutenant Stone and his team were called in to stop the prison break, and left in a hurry refusing Thor’s offer of assistance. The combined might of Uroc and Ulik proved to be too much for Code: Blue and Stone would have lost his life that day if not for the intervention of a defiant Thunder god. Mother Majowski was not as fortunate as the Lieutenant since he was seriously injured when Ulik overturned his van before Majowski could run down the escaped prisoner. Uroc and Ulik left for Asgard soon after Thor’s arrival, but Code: Blue was determined to give chase. Finally agreeing to allow the officers to accompany him to Asgard, Thor set out to confront a supposed traitor to the realm while Code: Blue was unwavering in their purpose to retrieve the escaped felon, Ulik.

Code: Blue snuck into Ulik’s underground lair, but were ultimately discovered and had to contend with the awesome might of Uroc. Even when Fireworks Fielstein and Mad Dog Rassitano managed to destroy one of Uroc’s hands they were still no match for his unbridled savagery. Uroc caused a cave-in that separated Lieutenant Stone from the rest of his team, but Stone had his mind set on bringing Ulik in. Seeking the rock troll on his own, Stone was overpowered and nearly killed a second time if not for a clever maneuver in which he dropped a grenade in Ulik’s mouth. The resulting explosion left Stone unharmed, and Ulik hanging on to a cliff ledge as if his life depended on it. Stone began to read Ulik his rights, but the troll would not go back to an Earth prison and let go of the ledge to seemingly fall to his doom. Although disheartened that their fugitive got away, Code: Blue stayed in Asgard to attend the celebration when it seemed that the traitor was gone and Odin was restored to power.

Upon returning to Earth, Code: Blue was again called into action when the menace of Bloodaxe terrorized the streets of New York. Together with the combined might of Earth Force, and an unseen astral image of Doctor Strange, Bloodaxe was defeated and his hostage was saved. Code: Blue was also needed when a new gang of thugs lead by a man called Carjack began a crime spree in the city, and again when a mysterious vigilante known as Sangre started gunning down individuals involved in a criminal enterprise. Code: Blue would soon suffer their greatest loss while involved in a battle against a femme fatale known as Pandara. She was allied with the Deviant Tantalus and was eventually detained by Code: Blue as they aided Thunderstrike and S.H.I.E.L.D. in her capture. Tantalus soon sent another minion to free her, and during her escape, officer Andrew “Jock” Jackson was killed in the line of duty when he threw his body between Pandara and Thunderstrike taking the brunt of a blast that would have claimed the life of Thunderstrike. One man down and still reeling from the loss of their teammate, Lieutenant Stone and Code: Blue had to observe a new law enforcement agent in the form of a robotic construct dubbed Officer Z.E.R.O. Stone was not comfortable with the idea of a machine doing a trained officer’s duty, and his reservations were warranted once the robot went haywire. Officer Z.E.R.O. attacked both friend and foe, and almost took the Lieutenant’s life, but its creator saw to it that Z.E.R.O. was permanently stopped and Stone was spared.

After the incident with Officer Z.E.R.O. and the events that transpired with S.H.I.E.L.D., the city was going to cut the NYPD’s budget by $12 million dollars which would effectively shut down Code: Blue. However, after stopping a reactivated Doombot, their problems only went from bad to worse when a law firm decided to sue the city for damages. That didn’t stop Code: Blue from going into action when the Wrecker returned from an other dimensional prison in search of his abusive father in order get revenge for his childhood suffering. Thor began the assault, but was called away leaving Code: Blue to finish what he started. Through teamwork and quick thinking, Code: Blue was able to stop the Wrecker by sending him back to the dimension he recently escaped from. There was no rest for Lieutenant Stone and his peers, unfortunately, for over at Redfield industries, an engineering company where the husband of Captain Conklin worked, a newly reactivated Thermal Man was raging out of control. Between Code: Blue and Thunderstrike, the Thermal Man was put out of commission, but not before it claimed the life of the Captain’s husband. The head of the company, Jim Redfield, was arrested for criminal activity, but the news that Code: Blue had been officially disbanded and Captain Conklin was suspended came right after. During Lieutenant Stone’s deposition at the law firm Krask and Krask, the entity of long-thought-dead Kronin Krask was reborn as an electronic life form that not only challenged his sons claim over his company, but threatened to ruin the financial markets in New York City. If not for the combined might of Code: Blue, led by Captain Conklin, Daredevil, and a group of other individuals Lieutenant Stone dubbed Code: Gray, Kronin Krask may have succeeded in his foul plans. With Krask safely disposed of, the law firm of Krask and Krask settled on the law suit with the city, and Code: Blue was able to keep their jobs, but Captain Conklin was unsure if she would return.

In order to contribute to their high cost budget, Code: Blue had been officially licensed out so that products could be made and sold with their name on it. Their first assignment after they were reinstated was to aid Thunderstrike as he was battling Mongoose, Quicksand, and Bloodaxe. They arrived on the scene just as Mongoose and Quicksand were defeated and promptly placed them under arrest. They also witnessed the unmasking of Bloodaxe, and took the criminal into custody just before they observed a seemingly possessed Thunderstrike right before he embarked on his last mission. Their days with Asgardian magic and gods of Norse legend did not end with the passing of Thunderstrike, however, and it wasn’t long before Lieutenant Stone found himself in the middle of a mystery surrounding Thor and an army of bio-mechanical creatures. A British detective named Curazon was temporarily assigned to Code: Blue to help solve the mystery, and what he concluded meant doom for the gods of Asgard and the people of Earth. In the end, Thor averted the impending disaster, and Curazon met his end at the hands of the Enchantress.

In recent events, Code: Blue was at the scene when members of the newly assembled Thunderbolts, along with Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, and the Sub-Mariner prevented the United Nations building from falling after a devastating explosion. Lieutenant Stone was also the lead officer in the arrest of the Shocker after he, and Speed Demon, pulled off a major heist, and the members of Code: Blue fell victim to the devious plot of the Purple Man when he tried to turn the city of New York against the Thunderbolts. Code: Blue, as well as his other victims, was freed from Purple Man’s influence once he was defeated. Lieutenant Stone and his team have proved to be a valuable asset in the war on crime, and as long as there are those who continue to commit wrongdoings, Code: Blue will be there to stop them.

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